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Sausage rolls, crisp and flaky, hot from the oven simply sing ‘It’s Christmas!’ at me. Of course they are equally at home, cold, as part of a summer picnic, popped into a lunchbox or as part of a buffet spread at anytime of the year.

This recipe is simple and delicious, just watch them vanish before your very eyes! Read More

Vegetarian Sausage Rolls

ice lanterns

Christmas calls for a little bit of extra ‘Ohhhh’ as the magic builds and ice lanterns are a show stopper. They couldn’t be easier to make and they cost nothing!

Make a plan to make ice lanterns this year, wrap up warm and head out for a foraging walk to collect berries, holly, ivy and evergreens or plunder the garden for rosemary sprigs and cotoneaster berries…Read More

Bonus Boy is becoming a very keen cook and he helps me in the kitchen most evenings, making suggestions for flavourings to improve the meals we prepare together and ensuring the correct amount of stirring occurs to prevent burning when I am distracted, yet again, by something or someone else! As Christmas approaches rapidly, and I begin to fill the fridge and freezer with goodies, his help has been invaluable. We’ve made Christmas Cake, Pies, Christmas Pudding Fudge, Vegetarian Sausage Rolls and more but last week we could hold out no longer – it was time to make sugar mice! Read More

how to make sugar mice

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