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Homemade Chocolate Spoons

I make these chocolate spoons as Christmas presents but they make wonderful gifts for your Valentine too! Who could resist these little spoons resting in that chocolate loveliness?!

There is something so satisfying about making your own gifts rather than handing your hard earned cash over to the Valentine’s Vultures on the High Street/in the Supermarkets.

Wrapped up in pretty packaging with all the promise of a delectable cup of hot chocolate to come, they are sure to win your beloved’s heart and they couldn’t be simpler to make. Read More…


Risotto Cake

There is something deeply comforting about this risotto cake and, as the winter finally seems to be making an appearance here in the UK, I am all about the comfort food!

This is a dish which appears hot, straight from the oven, on my Winter menu and again in cold slices with salads in Summer; it makes fabulous picnic food! Read More…

risotto cake

Champagne Cork Craft

Champagne Cork Craft

I’m a cork collector – if we get a bottle with a real cork rather than a plastic imitation I hoard them, jealously, until a cork craft pops into my head. We had an 18th birthday in this house, just before Christmas, and there was Champagne – which means corks, fabulous, beautifully shaped corks to play with! This easy cork craft makes for a fab present for any beach lover, seaside dweller or salty sea dog sailor. The keyring will float if it is accidentally dropped in water – as long as the keys aren’t too heavy – perfect for clumsy boat people like me! Read More…

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