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Pumpkin Pancakes with Tenderstem Broccoli


These pumpkin pancakes, topped with chilli fried Tenderstem®  broccoli and drizzled with a Somerset goat’s cheese sauce, are a perfect and utterly delicious way to make the most of November’s seasonal veg.

I cook with Tenderstem broccoli at least once a week; it turns up in stir frys, soups, risottos, as a side dish, with pasta and in quiches, tarts and flans. It’s grilled on the barbecue in summer and roasted with winter veg in November. We grab it raw, straight from the fridge and dip it into hummus, muhammara or chilli sauce. It is one of our favourite everyday vegetables but I wanted to really show it off in this recipe because it is just a little bit special.

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Easy Vegan Chilli with Baked Potatoes and Broccoli

This week's simple recipe is an easy vegan chilli. This one pops up on rice, in tortillas and with polenta or cornbread, it works well in summer with cold beer but really comes into its own as a winter warmer with a glass of red, with friends, in front of the fire....

Simple Roasted Vegetable Pasta Bake

It's Wednesday again so it must be time for the next in my series of the simplest vegetarian recipes for students, for people who are new to vegetarian cooking and for those of you who just want a simple meat free midweek meal. This week I am sharing another one of...

Manuka Honey Glazed Plums with Overnight Oats

Manuka Honey Glazed Plums with Overnight Oats and Omega Seeds - A Superfood Breakfast to Kick Start your Day! Breakfast is such a lovely word - breaking the overnight fast as the sun rises and a new day full of promise begins. Yes, it may all go pear-shaped pretty...

Roast Pumpkin and Fig Salad – Autumn on a Plate

Heading into the second weekend of October it is definitely Autumn down here in the West Country! My obsession with all things pumpkin continues and today I am offering you a simple Roast Pumpkin and Fig Salad with Goat's Cheese, Beluga Lentils and Chilli Oil. Roast...

Double Chocolate Blackberry Muffins

On Sunday we made the most of the sunny autumnal equinox weather. We strode out through field and forest, foraging for the last handfuls of blackberries to make these double chocolate and blackberry muffins. Did you gasp when you saw that photo? I did! I wish I could...

Toffee Apple Popcorn for Winter Festivals!

Toffee Apple Popcorn for Winter Festivals!

With Apple Day, Halloween and Bonfire Night rapidly approaching I reckon it's time to share the genius which is my toffee apple popcorn with you! No Halloween Shindig or Bonfire Night Feast is complete without toffee popcorn, but Toffee Apple Popcorn takes your party...

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How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations

The warm smell of drying oranges drifting through the house while the first Christmas songs play on the radio is one of the pre Christmas festive traditions which is guaranteed to put me 'in the mood' and it's such a simple thing to do!

How to Make a Leaf Bowl – Fall Craft

If you are anything like my children and me you will return home from crisp sunny walks, as the days grow shorter and the shadows grow longer, with huge bunches of beautiful leaves in glorious shades and this leaf bowl project is a lovely way to preserve and use them up!
Autumn Leaf Wreath – Easy Fall Leaf Crafts

Autumn Leaf Wreath – Easy Fall Leaf Crafts

Today I bring you a simple and beautiful homemade autumn leaf wreath, if you collected autumn leaves as I suggested in my previous post and pressed them, you're all ready to go! If you didn't, you'd better pop on your wellies and get out there right now! This week we...

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River Cottage Christmas – A Fabulous Festive Treat!

A River Cottage Christmas in the glorious Devon countryside with Foodies100.  I love the run up to Christmas - the gathering together of friends and family, the glitter and sparkle and the flavours and scents of food to be shared, so a trip to River Cottage for a...

Food Lovers Visit Dorset

Living where Somerset meets both Dorset and Wiltshire means that I am spoilt for choice with local food producers, farmer's markets and - of course - Frome's own utterly fabulous monthly Independent Market. I love knowing exactly where my food comes from, and try to...

Cruising on Island Princess – Sea Days and Surprises

When I told people that Mr TS and I were going on a cruise they raised their eyebrows while looking me up and down and doing that thing people do with their mouths which says ‘You?! Are you sure?!’ without any words actually coming out. So - did we enjoy it? Yes, we did and this is why!

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The Return of the Duvet Day and Your Chance to Win!

When Slumberdown got in touch with me to ask if I would like a duvet day now that my older ones have headed off to far flung places it struck me that I am now a parent to two who've left, one 16 year old and a 10 year old and those early morning wake ups have...

How to Design a Kitchen – Second Time Around

We moved into our large and rambling home 16 years ago and we've spent the intervening years renovating it and raising our four children. We have, in all honesty, spent more time with the children than we have on the house and have now reached the point where the...

Patio Garden Makeover – Moving On

My kitchen has windows at both ends, the garden wraps around the house and in the summer the sliding doors from the sunroom/dining room are always open. Over the last 15 years children have run in and out with muddy boots or sandy feet, showing me a pebble which...

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