This easy Easter Craft is so simple and so satisfying. It can get very messy so it is usually very popular with children and I have even had success with those who are not keen on getting their hands dirty!

You will need: brightly coloured poster paint in yellow, water, washing up liquid, straws, a jar, black pen.

Mix together a good squeeze of paint, a small splash of water and a splurge of washing up liquid. You are looking for a thick liquid which will bubble up. You can always add more of any of the ‘ingredients’ as needed, that’s what we did! Do cover your surface and your child if you care about paint splashes!

Get a straw and a willing helper and explain that you are blowing not sucking and trying to make as many bubbles as possible. If yours are anything like mine you will have spent a lot of time telling them not to do this with glasses of milk/juice/lemonade so they will be delighted to have permission now!

Easy Easter Craft - Bubble Painting

We soon realised that our dish was too wide to sustain the bubbles so we moved to a smaller jar and enlisted a bit more help

Easy Easter Craft - Bubble Painting

Now we realised that, fun though this undoubtedly was, it was all going to go horribly wrong if we persisted so we popped the first container under this one for a modicum of control

Easy Easter Craft - Bubble Paint Chicks

They have their hands to their eyes because it was a bit splashy, we did think about swimming goggles but we were having too much fun!

We placed a piece of paper on top of our bubble volcano and removed it revealing a bubbly circle

Bubble Painting - Easy Easter Craft

Once it had dried Bonus Boy used a black pen to add legs, feet, beak and a ‘beady eye’ and ‘Ta Dah….Easter Chick!’

Easy Easter Craft - Bubble Paint Chicks

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