The Funny Things Kids Say and Do – Mummification

The end of the Easter holidays are nigh, one or two of us have been lazy and will be cramming homework and revision in at the last minute, someone has been very busy with theatre workshops and ballet productions and one of us may have a screw loose.

Using vast amounts of masking tape seems to be a rite of passage for all my children, usually on each other, but Bonus Boy is currently going through a self mummification phase. Of course, the others are happy to oblige with a little bit of finishing off, helping him to reach those impossible parts.

And then helping him get about

They also released him by cutting his bonds with a spoon. As you do.

What have yours been up to? If you have a funny things kids say and do post to share please pop it on the linky below. If you could link back to me in your post I’d be grateful but it’s not compulsory! If you don’t blog and you have one to share just write it in the comments box below!


  1. lol brotherly love, love it. I am sure my two will be up to this if they got their hands on masking tape 😉 x

  2. Your boys are too cute!

  3. Ah this made me chuckle.Did they hang him on the line?

  4. Ha ha, brilliant! Mine love masking tape ( any tape actually ) too :-)

    What lovely looking boys you have. xx

  5. This is very funny. I look forward to the masking tape phase.

  6. This is brilliant. Bonus Boy is great and very neat with the masking tape. Also a lovely surprise to see you fancy new site again. I kind of forgot.



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