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The Funny Things Kids Say and Do – Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Jokes. I had forgotten that there comes a point in a young person’s life when they discover jokes. Here he is, trying them out on the cats (pre losing that first tooth!)

Unfortunately for those around them they forget the punchline/add the punchline from a different joke or begin making up their own jokes which seem to have no punchline whatsoever. They get cross with their audience when they don’t laugh or when they ‘laugh in the wrong way’. If they do discover a good joke, they will tell it again and again and again until you want to scream. I am now going through this for the FOURTH time. Knock knock jokes and chickens crossing the road now cause my face to spasm.

Bonus Boy had hysterics about one of his older brother’s jokes this week, tears rolling down his face, gasping for air – the full works. I looked up at him (he was on the Tallest One’s shoulders) and said ‘You don’t get it do you?’ He paused mid giggle, ‘No’ at which point we all fell about laughing.

His vocabulary and turn of phrase still continues to astound/embarrass/amuse us. Living with older siblings and listening to table chat means that he is developing quite a way with words

Mr Thinly Spread: Eat up BB, there are still lots of lovely things on that plate’

Bonus Boy (arms folded): Not in my opinion

There’s no arguing with that really, is there?

What have yours been up to? If you have a funny things kids say and do post to share please pop it on the linky below. If you could link back to me in your post I’d be grateful but it’s not compulsory! If you don’t blog and you have one to share just write it in the comments box below!

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  1. You’ve got to love their logic. My little one has taken to telling jokes, they are so terrible that you have to laugh. BB is just so cute. x

    • Thanks Susan, he is very lovely and just a little bit cheeky!

  2. We haven’t hit the joke telling phase yet!

    BB sounds very polite! xx

    • Make the most of it! He is, he tells the rest of us off sometimes, we have to mind our Ps and Qs!

  3. Fabulous! He’s such a little poppet.

    • He’s a hoot, thank goodness!

  4. It’s hilarious when they just laugh uncontrollably but have no idea why! He sounds like a great little guy!

    • He is and it is!

  5. Jokes sound like a welcome change from the constant why why why why why why why that we have in this house but I am sure I will feel the same when it happens!

    • It’s a fluid movement from ‘Why, Mummy, why?’ to ‘Why did the chicken…’ painful on the ears

  6. I love the jokes. My eldest gets a fair few from his (comic) friend at school. Including this gem .. what do you call a crazy squirrel ? Nuts. Boom boom.

    • It will not surprise you to hear that I have already heard that one! DS2’s favourite at this age was ‘what do you call a donkey with 3 legs?…A wonky’

  7. Children are funny little things .. A joke told to me by a child the other day at school .. “What do you call a square sheep ?”
    Me ” I don’t know?”
    The child “A house !”
    Me”Very funny ” ( truth is I was confused !)

    • You see, that’s it…in a nutshell. What are you supposed to do with your face?!

  8. And I must add what a great blog you have .. I shall be stopping by loads !

    • I am glad, thank you! I shall keep the kettle on and a cushion plumped.

  9. There really is no comeback for a phrase like that LOL

    • Nope. He is the king of the one liner!

  10. Kids really are awesome!


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