An Almost Perfect Family Day Out on Brownsea Island

We spent an almost perfect family day out on Brownsea Island in Poole harbour last weekend. It is home to red squirrels and Sika deer and we have been many times before, but it had been a while since our last visit. It is a magical place, there is something very Famous Five or Swallows and Amazons about it. It is quiet and peaceful, a place to stretch our legs and fill our lungs with sea salted air.

Just getting there is an adventure

Brownsea Island Ferry

We were very blessed as this time all the animals came out to play and Bonus Boy was entranced. Someone very cheeky wanted to share our lunch

Peacocks on Brownsea Island

We were privileged to share a moment with this beauty. We managed to get so close we could hear her chewing that cheekful of food!

We saw a red squirrel which I wanted to watch without a camera in front of my face!

He taught him to skim stones

Learning to skim stones

There was tree climbing, chatting, pine cone collecting, beach combing and running. This tree is a dragon, obviously

Tree climbing

It was everything we love but it was not quite perfect.

The Tall One had stayed at home to study and I missed him. I know that this will happen more and more as they stretch their wings and practise not being with me. But, oh my goodness, how my heart aches.

What are you feeling as your children grow? What are your tips for dealing with the heartache?!



  1. Looks fantastic! Lovely pictures! x

    My daughter is only 2 1/2 so I don’t have that feeling. However I can now imagine how my mum was when I moved to the other side of the country. I certainly didn’t do it without feeling sad either.

    Lots of hugs!

    • Thanks Kelly. I have felt like this off and on over the years as they shift up a gear and the family balance changes but I am acutely aware that I probably only have 2 more years with my eldest at home and it feels very strange! I know I’ll cope and move on but that day was bittersweet!

  2. I know just how you feel. Mind you, the difference with my teen is because he’s my only child, we don’t have a reason to go out on a trip without him, as there are no other children to entertain. So if he’s studying, I’m at home with him mooching about. On the minus side, we don’t go for days out as much. Thanks heavens for holidays when he is forced to come with us.
    Can’t begin to think ahead to two years time, I shall be bereft.

  3. Shall we hold hands and drink gin? I think we should!He wanted to come with us but had loads of work to do – it didn’t help that he had been out partying on the Friday night and did nothing on the Saturday 😉


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