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Easy Homemade Christmas Wreath and the Return of Festive Friday!

Today I bring you a simple and beautiful homemade Christmas wreath and the news that Festive Friday is back! This is the third year that I have indulged myself with a weekly blog post about all things Christmas and it will run every Friday from now until 18th December – this makes me VERY HAPPY INDEED!

This week we have been busy crafting away, the teens are already moaning about the glitter situation and DG already has a massive pile of creations. One of her projects really inspired me and I hope that we inspire you! If you collected and pressed leaves on an autumn walk as I suggested, this is the project I was planning!

DG rummaged about in our craft boxes and came up with this mini wreath

homemade christmas wreath

I have some copper wire wreath bases knocking around and a lot of pressed autumn leaves so this seemed like a good opportunity to use some of them. I wanted something simple, beautiful, thrifty and earthy but looking opulent and celebratory.

How to Make a Homemade Christmas Wreath

I laid the leaves out on the wire wreath to get the positions right, then removed them but made sure they stayed in the right order and orientation.

I glued each leaf onto the wire with PVA and weighed them down with coins so that they kept contact while they were drying. Once they were dry I turned the wreath over and popped a glue blob onto the wire and each leaf just to make them extra secure. Tie a ribbon on the top and Hey Presto!

This wreath looks perfect hanging in a sunny window rather than on a door so that you can really appreciate the wonder of nature’s colours. I like it so much that I couldn’t choose between these two photos so I’m popping the other one here too, just because I can!

The leaves I used come from the Hungarian oaks which grace the space outside the library in our town and which are large and dramatic. We have also made beech leaf wreaths and I want to have a go at Japanese Maples as soon as possible!

Other possibilities for using those foraged forest floor finds (I do love a bit of gratuitous alliteration!) include wrapping the wire ring with wired ribbon

and adding pine cones and shiny conkers

The hot glue gun works best here, PVA isn’t quite up to the job! Obviously you can pack them closer together than this or stick them into Styrofoam wreath bases or dried flower oasis but I like a bit of glitter and the gold sparkly ribbon shining through makes me smile!

You could also try: feathers, shells, berries and seed heads from garden and hedgerow, teasels and grasses and of course ivy, holly and other lovely winter evergreens! I am plotting how to work this into a wreath!

How Can You Join In with Festive Friday?

I do hope you’ll join me for the Festive Friday ride!

Come along every Friday from next week and Link Up any post you have written with Christmas in mind.

It might be an old post you want to blow the glittery dust off, it might be a sparkly new one.

It might be food, craft, a time-saving tip, your family traditions, a photo or it may even be a Scrooge-y Grumble. If it’s Christmas related…pop it on!

Link back here in your post so that your readers can have a wander around everyone else’s posts and have a look around yourself, leaving a comment here and there and spreading a little bit of festive joy!

I am also running a collaborative Festive Friday Pinterest Board and will be pinning all those who join in on a Friday (with a full credit and link of course!). If you would like an invite to join the board just ask!

When Will It Start?

The linky goes live next Friday 16th November at 9am, I look forward to seeing you then!


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  1. Hooray! As you know I’ve been eagerly await the reopening of the festive Friday posts. Now I know Christmas is on the way!

    • Your question on Twitter last week prompted me to get a wriggle on and do it…time is whizzing along! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm! xxx

  2. Gorgoues. I want to start NOW!

    • Go on then! :-)
      I’ve been thinking about you all day, hope it went well! xxx

  3. Gorgeous – I have never worked with wire and feel that this maybe my Christmas to start.

    • Fab, please show me when you have! :-)

  4. ooooh lovely! I’m so excited!

    • Me too!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

  5. oh wow, I love the pressed leaf wreath. that is so effective. Will have to give that a go. You could even laminate it ;) xxx

    • Eek! I could…you have given me an idea!!! :-)

  6. Love these! I always thought that a wreath would be really tricky, now I’m going to have to give it a try :) I’m planning a Christmas blog post this week so will be back next week to link up.

    • Fab! I’m so looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to :-)

  7. Oooh this has made my day. I’ve just spent the last hour pinning crafty stuff to keep us busy. Bring it on!:)

    • I have spent most of this weekend with my head buried in Pinterest, I am BRIMMING with ideas and in danger of overflowing…bring it on indeed! :-D

  8. These look gorgeous, I was trying to guess what we needed the leaves for, now need to collect more ;-)

    Will look forward to Friday’s :-)

    • Fabulous! I hope you’ll show me yours if you have a go!

  9. *squeals* I’ve been meaning to get a hot glue gun and now I must! Huzzah let the festivities begin.

    • Huzzah indeed Aly! Go get the gun! ;-)

  10. Love this idea. Adorable Autumnal colours. You do well at making a non-crafy type like me feel like having a go.

    • Aw, lovely comment, thanks Kate! I hope you do have a go and that you’ll come back and tell me when you have!

  11. The oak leaf wreath is stunning. x

    • Thanks Liz, that means a lot coming from you! x

  12. Look at those pine cones they look wonderful, excited to try that.

    • I liked these ones because they were light but dense so they were easier to glue than the more open ones

  13. Lovely leaves, and festive friday sounds very exciting. Pinterest will be the death of me, I spent hours last night planning a christmas party. Is it too early to start decorating?

    • Yes it is, you have to hold off for a little while! ;-)

  14. Beautiful! I’ve never made a wreath before but I’m hoping to try one this year. I love the way that the light shines through the Autumn leaves!

    • I was stunned when I lifted it up!

  15. Hooray it’s the lead up to Christmas. Love the wreath and were I in any way craft inclined I would definitely give it a go. Will link up any festive posts.

    • Brilliant, so pleased to have you on board…we are overdue that coffee btw!

  16. What a wonderful idea, shared!!!

  17. ooooh these are so beautiful!!! i must remember this for next year as we have got rid of our conker stash now i will pin them so i dont forget x

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