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The Eighties!

This week’s Gallery theme at Sticky Fingers is the Eighties and I have had a good laugh and a bit of a cringe over my collection of dog eared photos spanning that ill conceived decade. Shoulder pads and drainpipe jeans, sweater dresses and jump suits, monkey boots and stripes – so MANY stripes!

But, as I was rummaging through it was these two photos which caught my eye. Both are student railcards, the first was taken in 1985 as I left home and set off for college for the first time, the second as I began my final undergraduate year in 1988. I learned so much in those three years – most of it about myself – and, as we begin to look at Universities for The Tallest One, these two pictures really stopped me in my tracks! I’m not sure whether it is a good idea to relive your teenage and student memories as a parent or not!

For more 1980’s memorabilia and a giggle at the fashions pop over to Tara’s place and have a rummage through!

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  1. Love it. I’ve been looking at old photo’s recently as well. They trigger some very vivid memories :)

    • They do! I had to stop myself looking, I’d still be up there!

  2. Wow, look how you found yourself. So bursting with confidence in the second pic. Beautiful. x

    • Aw, thanks lovely! x

  3. Beautiful pics! You can see how you’ve changed from just starting college to almost finishing your Uni course.

    • Alarming isn’t it?! :-D

  4. Wow love the look. Got to love the 80s x

    • Indeed! ;-)

  5. Oh. My. God. You look about 12 in that first photo!!! Am proper lol’ing.

    • I KNOW! I wasn’t as sweet as I look!

  6. it is amazing how life passes and changes us but the memories when looked back on seem so vivid great photos

    • I remember stuff from then with greater clarity than stuff from last week…it’s my age you know dearie! ;-)

  7. aww I love the 2nd one, you look so happy and glamarous in it

    • I love you! Glamorous! I shall keep that word in a little box and take it out from time to to time, thank you!

  8. Great look! I think it’s fabulous to look back on those years and remember how much time has changed.

    CJ x

    • Yes, and how so much hasn’t!

  9. wow! the first one looks so much like your babes, it’s incredible! I’m usually stuck in the 80’s but especially so at the moment… great pics!

    • It’s a bit spooky isn’t it?! I had a bit of an 80s clear out recently, it was a relief!

  10. Hey get you mrs gorgeous.
    I still have my student rail cards too – why did we keep them??

    • *blush* – You too?! Why do we do it? Will they come in useful one day?!

  11. Fabulous – love how the hair changed. I had friends with punky mullets and earrings like that. You seemed to grow so much in confidence during that time :)

    • It was a magnificent mohawk but I’d given up trying to get it to stand up at this point! :-D

  12. I would never have recognised you – brilliant odd earrings too :-D

    • I had a selection of grim silver things to hang from my ears…still have actually! :-D

  13. I love those 80s photos. Reminds me of The Breakfast Club and St Elmo’s Fire. But then again, I think you could definitely be Pretty in Pink! Inspired me to go dig out some of mine. Not sure I’d be brave enough to share though…

    • Oh go on…share! (I loved that song, thank you!)

  14. is that a touch of sun-in I spy on that fringe?! you look lovely in that second one, a picture straight from my youth.

    • It’s bleach! As applied by the boyfriend of the time. It had been pink but was growing out at this point!

  15. I love the transformation, you gorgeous blossomer. I know blossomer isn’t a real word, but it should be.

    • I love that word! I shall use it often from now on! Thanks Sandy xxx

  16. I bloody loved the 80’s – college then a good job in London with a huge circle of friends and a nice place to live. Pity about the fashions and the music though. When I look back at photos and listen to some of the hits, it was all a bit much wasn’t it?

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