Christmas Craft – Toilet Roll Carollers

Here’s a quick and easy Christmas craft to use up toilet roll tubes! I’ve made these before and this year’s trend towards a slimmer tube did cause me some consternation, but I think the mix of stouter and skinnier carollers works well!

Christmas Craft - Toilet roll carol singers

You will need:

  • loo roll tubes (other cardboard tubes cut down to size or cardboard rolled into a tube works just as well if you haven’t got a vast collection of loo rolls to hand!)
  • paint (I used acrylics and mixed up some flesh tones, you can use poster paint if you wish)
  • Various paper off cuts
  • Bits of ribbon
  • Small children’s socks (the ones you’ve kept for years just in case its partner turns up)
  • Embroidery thread or wool
  • Black pen
  • Buttons, bells, plastic gems or other adornments
  • PVA glue, sticky tape and scissors
  • Cotton wool balls (or other stuffing material)

Christmas Craft - Toilet roll carol singers


  • Paint the toilet roll tubes in variety of flesh tones and allow to dry
  • Wrap paper around the bottom half of the tube and stick in place. Tuck the extra up inside the toilet tube to give a nice finished edge
  • Add ribbon scarves, shiny buttons, bells or other adornments for your little folk
  • Put a sock on top of each tube, elasticated rib first
  • Tie a knot tightly around the sock to make a hat shape and cut off the spare sock just above your knot, leaving enough to make a bobble (one of these hats is a cheat and is an innocent smoothie knitted hat!)
  • Cut down into the bobble a bit and fluff out
  • Stuff the hat with a little cotton wool to give it shape
  • Draw on an angelic chorister face and you’re done!

Christmas craft - toilet roll carol singers

If you have a doll’s house to pose them outside, so much the better but I think these would also look lovely grouped together in front of the fire or on a shelf warbling away.

Christmas craft, toilet roll christmas carol singers

You could seal their bottoms with a piece of card and fill the tubes with treats before popping their hats on and handing them out as Christmas gifts. We have plans to make a nativity scene with tubes and Bonus Boy is very keen to make Santa, his reindeer and sleigh…luckily, with 6 of us and various house guests, we get through a lot of loo roll!

What else could we make with our loo roll inner tube collection – or, indeed, with our large collection of odd socks? Have you made any Christmas decorations we should know about? For more Christmas crafts, foods and traditions do check out the ideas linked up on Festive Friday!

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    • Oh you are lovely! Thank you! :-) xxx

  1. Aw, they are so sweet. I might have to have a go at them myself. You could do something similar and make angels, although I’m trying to think what you’d do for the hair? Hmmm.

    • Oooh, you have me thinking now! 😉

  2. They look so professional, I wouldn’t have guessed at old socks and toilet rolls, inspired!

    • *Bows*, thank you, how kind! :-)

  3. they are so cute! we’ve got millions of loo rolls, now I know what to do with them! :)

    • Hoorah! There are so many things to do with them, where would we be without them?! :-)

  4. They are very cute.

    • Thank you Victoria, I am glad you approve.

  5. Super! My 8 year old is going to love this! Not sure I have enough toilet rolls to match up with the 197 odd socks though…

    • I’m brewing some ideas now I have the odd sock bug! 😀

  6. you are like mrs tony hart – please come and play with my kids…..
    pretty please

  7. I do love all things loo roll and these are GREAT! Spotted some of the new “slim loo rolls” there.. maybe the craft of the future. (sigh).

    Gorgeous though, simply gorgeous. Bet you are pleased with it.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  8. Oh my, they are very cute carollers. I have some toilet rolls saved that I was thinking of making reindeer out of (but the idea hasn’t really got past using pipe cleaners for antlers…) and I saw some lovely little racing cars out of toilet rolls on Pinterest.

  9. How cute are they?! Am pinning for next Xmas!

  10. These are such a great idea and I have put mine in a Christmas jumper so that they could support Save the Children.



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