Ice Lanterns – Putting the ‘Ohhhh’ into Christmas

Christmas Eve calls for a little bit of extra ‘Ohhhh’ as the magic builds and ice lanterns are a show stopper. They couldn’t be easier to make and they cost nothing!

Wrap up warm and head out for a foraging walk to collect berries, holly, ivy and evergreens or plunder the garden for rosemary sprigs and cotoneaster berries.

To Make Ice Lanterns

To make these glorious decorations you will need two bowls or cups with one being larger than the other. Suspend the smaller one inside the larger using tape to hold it off the bottom.

making ice lanterns

Fill the gap between the two with water (you will probably need to put some inside the smaller receptacle too to stop it floating away) and then push berries, leaves and flowers between the two bowls.

Pop your creations into the freezer or leave them outside overnight to freeze if it’s cold enough. When they have frozen solid remove the bowls or cups (you may need to dunk them in warm water to do this, don’t make it too hot or you may crack your bowls), pop a nightlight inside, find somewhere special in the garden to put them and enjoy!

Ice lantern making

Enjoy! This is an updated version of a post I first published two years ago – how time flies! I’ve popped it up again as part of the Homemade Christmas Advent Bloghop organised by Snaffles Mummy!




  1. Thank you for taking part. These are so beautiful. I have never seen anything even similar to these and so easy to make too.

  2. I love this and will be making them with the boys. Just need to find some berries. Non of the bushes have any, may have to use my cranberries!

  3. ooooh i love these, brilliant. You know how I love ice creations. xx

    • It depends how big they are and how cold it is outside! All you’re left with is a little pile of Christmas once the ice has melted!

  4. What a neat idea! Must give this a try.

  5. Pointed to this post by Actually Mummy. A wonderful idea and a future Country Kids post I feel!



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