Beating the January Blues with and a Discount for You!

If one more ‘friend’ posts photos of themselves and their bronzed children cavorting half naked on glaringly white sand or of herself sipping an iced Margherita, or of their al fresco evening meal wearing  nothing but T shirt and shorts I may SCREAM! Lots of people seem to have nipped off for a post Christmas last minute holiday enjoying the time before their children start school and they are bound to term dates!

There was another batch in my news feed this morning! I’m naming no names but, thanks to them, I turned a very unattractive shade of green. I am currently sitting at my desk in thermal socks, vest and three layers, it’s not a good look and I would LOVE to whisk my lot off for a week in the sun. Once the decorations have gone and we crash into January it seems like a very long haul towards those warmer days!

late deals last minute holidays

Late Deals Holidays, Perfect for Families!

My problem is that there are so many of us, so it’s really useful to have a site like to trawl through to find a bargain to suit our budget. I like that it specialises in last minute deals because I really can’t plan ahead with my lot they are all so busy doing their own thing!  Mr TS can’t say whether he will be available in 3 months time because running your own flooring business doesn’t work that way, I never know what freelance work is going to pop up, the children all have very busy social lives and I worry that one out of 6 of us will be ill and we won’t be able to go! As a result we have always been last minute opportunists ‘Hey, we’re all free next week, nobody is ill, let’s go somewhere!’ so has much to offer us!

With up to 70% discount off last minute holidays, and half a million holidays on offer from all the top tour operators, has done all the legwork for me. The search options mean I can choose a holiday type to suit me whether I want to limit the distance we travel, search only the cheapest destinations or whether I have a particular destination in mind and don’t want to look at anything else.

In the interests of writing this post I *may* have entered a search for a three night break for two adults just out of interest you understand – although with our 25th anniversary coming up this year…;-) Holidays Discount Voucher! has offered me an exclusive £25 off discount code to pass on to you, so what are you waiting for? Pop off and plan your last minute holiday, grab a last minute deal and beat those January blues!

To get the latest news about discounts and last minute holiday deals check out Facebook page.

This is a sponsored post, all terms and conditions for the £25 discount code can be found here.


  1. The discount code link and terms and conditions link aren’t working on my phone, are they to Facebook app/tabs?

    • Yes, they are, sorry!

  2. This post has totally reminded me how much I need the sun. My Vit D tablets just aren’t cutting it….will definately be checking this out! Thanks

    • My pleasure!

  3. I don’t want to come across as a spoilsport but you seem very interested in social justice. Climate change – in some ways exacerbated by people with heating on too high in their home (clearly not you!) or heading off for winter sun are causing a lot of problems for the poorest peoples. I’m not ruling out flights occasionally (your 25th wedding anniversary sounds like a major treat moment)but it would be good if people better understood the connections between their high consumption lives and the way the climate is changing. Nicola

    • I am in total agreement with you Nicola. I am of the school of thought that it is better to lead by gentle example than to get all shouty. My husband and I have never flown on a plane together or taken a winter sun holiday. All our holidays bar two have been in this country (the other two were in France where we travelled by ferry and camped – including our wonderful honeymoon!) I hope that this blog gives people a few ideas of the ways they may be able to reduce their consumption and thus their impact on the planet but I am not going to beat them with the green police baton to get them to do it. I don’t have a problem with people treating themselves every now and again, many of my readers are parents with very young children, living on a budget and dreaming of some sunshine …the odd post scattered here and there offering them an escape isn’t so bad.

      • I’ve been thinking about your answer for a while. Some thoughts a) “the green police baton” – is this something you feel greens do but readers aren’t receptive to? if so wonderfully funny scene in Barabara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour about an earnest green lecturing a poor mum about taking less flights & socially responsible investing… do read the book. b) I’m still struck by how you used the idea of people with sun tans on holiday as making you jealous… I’m sure they weren’t but I’m guessing you think they make other people jealous. Somehow “social good writers” (I’m thinking of you and me in our different ways here) need to stop pandering to such cliches re travel. You certainly don’t do it with most posts, eg, the Valentine’s Cake – it looks so good and achievable I want to have a go. That perhaps should be the same mood to get over in attempts to tackle climate change.

        No problem if you don’t agree, or would prefer to continue this conversation on

        • Thanks Nicola. a) I have read the book b) You have made your point and it has been duly noted.


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