Enough Food For Everyone IF…

On Wednesday night I was reunited with Save the Children, a small group of fabulous bloggers and ‘that’ feeling I get when I am caught up in something truly amazing. Along with Ruth, Eva, Rosie, Gemma and Jen I was lucky enough to be standing along with a thousand other people in front of Somerset House for the launch of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign.

There is enough food in the world right now to feed everyone but 2 million children die every year as a direct result of hunger. In the hour that we stood shoulder to shoulder with people representing over 100 UK charities 200 more children died. We could be the generation to end world hunger. It is possible IF:

All the charities which are putting their weight behind this campaign need our help. In June the G8 meet in the UK and hunger needs to be high on that agenda, those children are real people, with families who mourn them, they should not be dying of hunger in 2013 when there is enough food for all of us. We need to add our voices to the campaign so those world leaders understand that the time has come to right this wrong.

We’re behind IF

IF bloggers, @rosiescribble @helloitsgemma @nixdminx @dorkymum @jhowze @thinlyspread

He’s behind IF (and, oh my goodness, what an impassioned speech he made on Wednesday)

Bill Nighy

Thanks Ruth for the photo!

So, how can you help?

  • Sign up to Enough Food If
  • Share the campaign on social media. Not enough people know that there is enough food if…, help us tell a million on facebook, twitter and G+, use the #tellamillion hashtag and help spread the word.
  • If you blog/vlog Save the Children have a  toolkit with everything you need to help you write a post or make a video.

 Please, join me, be part of it.


  1. I have signed up and shared on social media. What a great cause and how fantastic to see bloggers using their voice for such an important message.

    • Thanks so much for your support Ella, really appreciated :-) xxx

  2. It was an inspiring afternoon and evening. I feel very lucky to have been there and of course wonderful to spent time with you.
    Bill looks so pleased with himself!

    • I’m still buzzing! It was so lovely to finally spend a bit of time with you and on such a night! :-)

  3. Signed and shared x

    • Angel xxx

  4. SO important to raise awareness of all those kiddies dying unnecessarily each year. have signed petition and made note to self to do a blog post about it too. x

    • You are a star, thank you so much! :-)

  5. I’m behind this Christine, have signed and shared. It is great to see charities coming together like this isn’t it? Love the pics!

    • Thanks Penny, it really is…so inspirational, we can achieve so much if we all speak with one voice!

  6. Signed up, tweeted, shared on FB & G+’d.

    Thanks for sharing with us & hope this makes changes that work

    • Hello you! Thanks so much for your support! :-) x



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