Our Clover Pom Pom maker has been in use again, this time to make a Valentine’s wreath!

Valentine Pom Pom Wreath

How to Make a Valentine’s Wreath

However you prefer to make your Pom Poms, whether that be cardboard circles, a fork, your fingers or the lovely speedy Pom Pom maker, you will need to make nine red Pom Poms and nine in white.

I used cheap and cheerful Bonus DK yarn and once I had made my fluffy beauties I threaded them on to general purpose garden wire. You need to push the wire gently through the bunched centre of the pom poms. It will pull a few threads but you can trim and tidy them once you’ve finished.

Once all the Pom Poms are in place seal the wire into a circle with a twist. Pull the circle down into a point at the bottom and down into a point at the top to give a heart shape.

Tie a piece of ribbon at the top, hang it and enjoy!

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