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Yesterday she turned thirteen. I am so proud of her. She is kind, funny, thoughtful and clever. She keeps me sane in a house full of boys and she drives me mad in equal measure.

I love crafting with her, sitting in silence while we read, curling up on the sofa for a chat or a film, shopping together, holding hands, dancing in the kitchen, running down the beach, cooking up a storm. Everything is better when she’s there.

She is feisty and furious and her temper gives mine a run for its money. She’s completely loopy with a glorious quirky side which I adore.

She’s fiercely loyal and loves deeply; family matters enormously and she is hugely proud of her brothers.

The world lies at her feet and she’s wearing the boots to conquer it.

She’s our girl and we love her.

This post was written for this week’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers. The prompt was ‘Girls’ which seemed particularly apt.


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  1. Goodness me Chris that is quite simply beautiful. Beautiful girl x

    • Thanks lovely, one day our girls shall meet :-)

  2. What a girl you have! Beautiful post and beautiful picture.

    • Thank you, she’ll do ;-)

  3. What beautiful words and so heartfelt. The picture is stunning as is your daughter .. you will be beating the boys from your door!

    • I’m very glad she has brothers!

  4. A gorgeous young lady, it sounds like she is a wonderful daughter x

    • She is, even when she’s not ;-)

  5. Goodness, this brought tears to my eyes. Generally, I am not an envious person, but I really envy your relationship with your daughter. It is so beautiful.

    • I feel very lucky, it does explode from time to time (often) but we love each other so what are a few explosions between friends? ;-)

  6. What beautiful writing and a beautiful photograph.

    • Thank you :-)

  7. Beautiful! And what you’ve written has given me an insight in to how I’d like to be with my girl in 10 years :)

  8. Special: post, photo and girl. Very moving and I really relate too.

  9. That’s a really nice photo :)

  10. Beautiful words Chris and what a beautiful young lady she is turning in to. Can you believe you are a mum to three teens and a tot!

  11. You forgot to say beautiful. She’s beautiful. If this tear-inspiring post is halfway representative of her, she’s going to be a lovely young woman!

  12. Beautiful tribute to your gorgeous girl – I can imagine her presence eases the pain of all that male testosterone from time to time! My eldest is 3 months behind yours, I will be watching keenly to see how you’re getting on -eeek!

  13. I love that she is going to conquer the world in boots. What a beautiful and powerful tribute to your amazing daughter.

  14. And I’ve met her and she’s a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous heart. xx

  15. With someone to dedicate such lovely words to her, it is clear she is blessed to co e for a wonderful, loving and fun loving home. I’m sure she’ll bloom beyond your wildest expectations.

  16. Beautiful post, beautiful picture, beautiful girl, beautiful mum x

  17. What a beautiful post! It is a wonderful thing to watch to watch your girl begin to conquer the world – I’ll bet she’s gonna be awesome!

  18. what a beautiful girl, both inside & out, you must be very proud. I hope she had a lovely birthday x

  19. Just such a lovely post and sentiment x

  20. Gorgeous post, and a beautiful daughter.

  21. what amazing qualities to posses. what a very beautifully written piece. beautiful photo.


  22. Lovely words and lovely girl.

  23. Just beautiful *wibble*

  24. beautiful pic and somehow it seems to sum up all you say. Happy Birthday, hope she conquers that world :)) xxx

    • Thank you, I hope so too! The world needs women like her! :-)

  25. awww that’s beautiful and stunning photo

    • Thanks lovely :-) x

  26. Beautiful, another weepy!!!

    • :-) xxx

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