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Stone Craft – A Village for The Little People

This is an updated version of a post which first appeared on Thinly Spread back in the Spring of 2011. When Maggy at Red Ted Art asked me to join in with a Google+ Stone Craft Hangout this week, a Hangout which fell upon my girl’s thirteenth birthday, we thought it was time to make some more stone houses!

My daughter is a collector of stones. We have small piles of them all over the garden and two years ago we decided to make something special with them.

Stone Craft Fairy Village

Using acrylic paints we painted in two colours, one for the house and one for the roof. We allowed this to dry completely before adding details.

Everyone had a go and we had a lovely afternoon chatting while we painted. They are still out there in the garden two years later, looking a little battered, but still providing shelter for any passing little folk.

stone craft houses

Fairy Houses - Stone Craft

This week we had another go and my newly thirteen year old daughter and I sat at the kitchen table on her birthday painting these

Stone Craft Fairy Houses 2

I love seeing how she has developed over the last two years, this Hobbity little house comes complete with curtained windows and wisteria and its fellow has a delightful little door knocker

painted stone houses

I think this is one of my favourite crafts to while away an hour or two and we were delighted to be given an excuse. Please watch the hangout, it contains more wonderful stone craft ideas from a selection of fabulous UK and US craft bloggers and a guest appearance by my lovely girl showing off her creations!

We adapted this idea from Green Crafts for Childrenby Emma Hardy which we borrowed from the library.

You saw:

Maggy’s stone pets and ducks

Aly’s stone monsters

Anna’s alphabet stones

Anthea’s stone collages

Crystal’s stone necklace

Trisha’s stone towers


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  1. OMG they are GORGEOUS!! And I am having a serious bout of CRAFT ENVY!!!!!!!! I wish we had thought of these… well… we shall DEFINTELY be saving bigger stones and one day my children will also have some. LOVE THEM!

    M xx

  2. Oh I love these! Absolutely beautiful! And I only wish that I was small enough to move in myself ;-)

    • Me too! I’d quite like to sleep in the garden tonight!

  3. Now I understand what you meant about stone painting! They are gorgeous!

  4. OMG they are gorgeous. x

  5. What a bright and cheery fairy village!

    • It is! It makes me smile every time I set foot outside!

  6. (and thanks for linking up ;-))

  7. my daughter is also a collector of stones. these are brilliant x

    • Then you must make some and show me the pictures! (and thank you, I like ‘brilliant’!)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the trees full of lovely pink, may I please move into that one?

    • There’s a waiting list for that one but I’ll pop you on it and let you know when it’s vacant! x

  9. Love this, did you see the guerrilla stone planting around town on someone’s blog (obviously I can’t remember who it was)? They painted them all and put funny faces on, then just left them all over the place.

    • I didn’t! If you remember where it is let me know, sounds right up my street!

  10. This is SUPER cute!!! Definitely have to do this with my daughter when she’s a bit older.

  11. Totally lovely.

  12. What a fabulous idea!! Wow, I’d want to move in, how adorable. What kind of rent are you charging? ;0)

    • Depends which property you are interested in…ranges from blossom to rose hips. Quite a few at honeysuckle prices but they go fast…give me a call. ;-)

  13. Very sweet i think we may pinch your idea too.

  14. Those are sooo sweet! My daughter once had a pet stone (which she named) for a day when we were at the seaside. We made her leave him at the beach, but we should have brought him home and painted him!

    • There is a pet stone post to follow! (Ours came home!)

  15. Very artistic young lady.?

  16. Those are completely darling!!!

    • Thank you! :-)

  17. These are such fun. I teach kindergarten and we may use this idea to make “beach” houses since we are studying oceans and islands this year.
    I love the idea of painting them and leaving them all over town, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to find one you didn’t do in your yard?

    • It really would, I love that idea! :-)

  18. Beautiful I am definitely going to get mine to do these, and do a few myself I think. X

    • I really hope you do Nova! x

  19. Oh jeez I think even I could manage this one :) they are SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!

    • They are rather lovely aren’t they?! ;-)

  20. … and just showed my 15yo daughter – she say “AAAAAWWWWW they’re so KYOOT!”

    I guess I have an accomplice now :)

    • Perfect! :-)

  21. Oh these are GORGEOUS!!! When my boys are older we are definintely doing this, we have about a million ‘special stones’ which we’ve dragged back from the beach over the years! xx

    • There are so many things you can do with a stone, I love them!

  22. What a great idea! They look fantastic :)

    • Thanks Jenny! :-)

  23. Oh Christine these are fantabulous. We used to paintpebbles when I was little; my sister and I would spend ages painting rainbows or ladybirds, etc. Never thought to paint them as houses, that’s going into the bank of resources for the future!

    • Hoorah! Do let me know if you do them!

  24. I love them! They look fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing pics.
    Unfortunately I have no children of my own to craft with but do with other people’s children if I get the chance!

    • I don’t think children are strictly necessary…I *may* have been seen painting one or two of these without any children present ;-)

  25. These are so beautiful! We have done stone painting before but I have never thought of doing them like this, what a wonderful idea x

    • Thanks Ella! :-)

  26. You know how much I adore these, right?!


    • I do! :-D

  27. Just magical. All gardens should be filled with stone houses :)

    • They should. I have a dream that throughout the world, wherever they are needed, there are little clumps of painted houses ;-)

  28. GORGEOUS! Can’t believe u got a teenager to help u. You have restored my faith in the future ( mine are only just 2 so have a way to go yet!)

    • She’s a sweetheart, I love crafting with her! She has her moments but, overall, we muddle along!

  29. I LOVE these! One year when we camped at Durdle Door I brought along some acrylics and brushes (knowing from prev experience how PERFECT the stones are there for painting) and we spent most evenings in the tent painting stones all sorts of scenes and things! We still have thm, covered in acrylic and in a bowl on the coffee table, what a perfect souvenir.

    • How perfect! We love Durdle Door and, you’re right, the stones there are practically perfect!

  30. These stone houses are absolutely wonderful. My children have a collection of stones in the garden too. I’m going to show them what you and your daughter have done with your stones and see what they think. I’m sure they’ll love them as much as I do!

    • Oh I do hope so! Please pop back and share if you do them! :-)

  31. Thank You for this wonderful idea. My kids will love it! I am also sharing this on my latest blog.

    • Thanks so much! I’ll pop over and have a look!


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