World Book Day – Story Walks – Harry Potter at Lacock Abbey

Following in the footsteps of familiar book characters is one of our favourite things to do and, over the next few months you can expect to see a fair few of them popping up on Thinly Spread. Three years ago we first visited Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, location for some of the scenes in the early Harry Potter movies,  my older boys are no longer big fans but Bonus Boy is absolutely enthralled and his big sister is still keen. When the sun came out in half term we decided we were overdue a return visit.

Walking through the cloisters and imagining our cloaks were swirling around us, our wands were in our hands and  we were just nipping off for a spot of Quidditch practice was easy to do here!

We peered into Quirrell’s dungeon classroom and I pretended to be Professor McGonagall (a role I have perfected over the years, it’s spooky how good I am at it ;-)). ‘Excuse me Professor Quirrell, can I borrow Wood for a moment?’

Back out in the cloisters we managed to avoid Snape on the rampage, but it was close. Pushing open an enormous door, we found ourselves in a forbidden part of the castle and she was in heaven!

In the kitchens, after we had introduced ourselves to the house elves, I found the ultimate shopping list –  I LOVE a list! You flip over the little indicator to red when you have run out of something, so simple, so perfect! I want one for my kitchen!

household wants indicator


Of course, the upstairs rooms at Lacock weren’t actually used in the movie but that didn’t stop our imaginations!

Back out in the grounds there was plenty to keep us busy, the woodland garden is currently playing host to the wire sculptures of Derek Kinzett

We found fairies, a dragon and a reader sitting in the shade of a tree surrounded by the first spring flowers

There were plenty of opportunities for a bit of leg stretching and energy burning and this little boy is keen to go back very soon!

Have you been following in the footsteps of a favourite book character? With World Book Day rapidly approaching (March 7th) why not get out and about for a game of Pooh sticks, a Robinson Crusoe adventure or just a bit of Pottering about? 😉


  1. Fabulous. What gorgeous photos. And I want one of those indicators too. Almost as fascinating as the indicator board itself, is the list of things on it. Imagine using capers so often it merited a place on the board!

    • Well I do…don’t you? 😉

  2. Hmmm. Do you think we should petition Lakeland to get a modern version made. I so want a list maker like that too!!

    • Oh I think we should! The world needs more lists!

  3. I don’t think this is *too* far from us so I think it’s definitely one for us when The Boy is a little older. Beautiful pictures and great to see BB so carefree.

    • There’s a lovely village to explore too and a play park to let off steam! :-)

  4. Gorgeous post, and stunning photos,

    Really inspiring…..hmmm..what literary footsteps can we follow in?

    What a great tie in to world book day….v impressed!!!!!!,

    • Oh thank you so much! What a lovely comment! :-)

  5. What a wonderful day out. My children are too young for Harry Potter at the moment, but as a big fan myself I can’t wait until they get into the books.

  6. What a fab place and activity, somewhere to have imaginative play and a good run around! Will have to look this place up. :)

  7. That looks so cool. Never mind the boy, I would love to go there!

  8. I want to go to…have just watched my very first ever harry potter movie this holidays! What a fab place

  9. Looks like a fantastic day out. My two haven’t quite made it to Harry Potter age yet but I’m looking forward too it.

  10. Brilliant, have just added to my ‘to do’ list! We’re huge Harry Potter fans in this house (me the most, lol!) and I didn’t realise the dungeon and corridors were at Lacock Abbey!



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