Maggy Woodley, the brains and brawn behind high-profile and incredibly successful craft blog Red Ted Art, has a book coming out next week! We were delighted to be offered a sneaky peek and my children have a list as long as my arm of projects they want to have a go at over the Easter holidays! Here’s what we thought and, down at the bottom, details of a giveaway!

My children are older than Maggy’s and have been crafting for a long time but the projects she has included are all open to development and have already kicked off some ideas in our heads! We are particularly taken with the peanut finger puppets having never crafted with peanut shells before!

Maggy cut the bottom off the peanuts, took the nuts out and then painted them to make perfect tiny finger puppets. One set tells the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, the other is a fabulous set of silver knights.

She suggests in the book that you could go on to make the little knights into a game of noughts and crosses which has prompted me and my girl (now 13) to come up with a plan…watch this space, it’s going to take us some time!

Meanwhile here are some little ghosts which Bonus Boy produced all by himself after looking at Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids!

ground nut shell crafts

And a fabric bowl by me and my girl!

how to make a fabric bowl

This was created just as we would with paper mache using watered down PVA glue and applying several coats of fabric to a bowl covered with a layer of cling film. Maggy suggests using two fabrics, applying the first upside down as the inside of the bowl and the second right way up as the outside. I think it turned out a treat and we will fill it with Easter eggs next week!

The book is packed full of Maggy’s magnificent ideas, it is beautifully presented and very inviting. I love that it prompts ideas and that it is full of the energy which emanates from everything Maggy does. I feel lucky to count her as a friend and I took the opportunity of asking her some questions ahead of the book launch next week.

A little bit about your background, where does all this crafting come from?!

Crafting has always been a hobby of mine – I remember loving crafting as a child – even earning all my crafty Girl Guide badges! Throughout the years, I would knit a little here, make a birthday card there, but not really craft that much as work too busy. Then with the arrival of kids… I had the opportunity to really get crafty again – and better still, get crafty with my children! Kids’ crafts are just wonderful!

Why did you start Red Ted Art? Has it gone in the direction you intended at the beginning? Have there been any surprises?

Ha! I am embarrassed to say, that I started Red Ted Art as a “business selling Pop Art for kids” – I had made a set of Pop Art Teddies for my son’s bedroom. Then made some for friends and family. I had a couple of inquiries of “where I bought them from”. So thought, that that could be my SAHM business. Red Ted Art was born. I needed a website quickly and a blog was an easy solution. A good sales person gives something away for free to draw in customers, so I started posting the odd little craft here and there… and then I was hooked. I ditched the artwork and focused on crafts. I haven’t looked back since!

The main surprise? That I am better at it than I thought! All that creativity was lurking in me for so long and dying to get out. (I hope that that doesn’t sound arrogant.. but it took me a long time, to appreciate “myself”…).

What is your favourite craft in the book and why?

I can’t pick just one… argh. How do I pick just one?! But the ones, that I love best are the ones when I had one of those light bulb moments and I know the craft is 100% “me” – I particularly, felt like that about our Loo Roll Giraffes and the Wild Things Paperbag Masks.

What is the best thing to have come out of blogging for you? Do you still enjoy it?

The best thing is having focused time with my kids – it is a virtuous circle: we craft, I have material for the blog, I blog, I have an incentive to sit down and craft with the kids. It is hard to find time in your busy day to day life to “do things regularly”.. and the blog gave me that focus.

Do I still enjoy it? Absolutely!!! Especially as I watch my children grow and see their creativity develop. I love seeing their own creations.

How easy was it to choose which crafts went into the book?

Very – the editor did that… and I just tweaked the odd craft here and there. I thought it was good that they chose, as they looked on my activities with a fresh pair of impartial eyes!

So, would you like to win a copy of Maggy’s book? Of course you would! Just answer the simple question below and you will be entered into the draw.

Why do you need Maggy’s book in your life?


1. Giveaway is open until midnight on Wednesday 27th March 2013.

2. Winner will be chosen by random number generator

3. One entry per person

4. Giveaway is open to UK and Commonwealth entrants only

5. Maggy’s publishers at Square Peg will send the prize to the winner following the draw. Thinly Spread accepts no responsibility for delivering of the prize and will not enter into any correspondence regarding the giveaway.

This blurry little photo shows what Bonus Boy thinks about Maggy’s book so I have to include it here!

Disclosure: We received a copy of Maggy’s book for review, words, opinions and pictures are our own. This post contains affiliate links – if you buy the book after clicking on the link I receive some pennies from Amazon which I will probably buy baked beans with, thank you!


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