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Why I Need to Win

This is my ‘Please vote for me in the MAD blog awards’ begging post. Tomorrow is the final day of voting so if you have ever:

  • Enjoyed anything I have written
  • Been inspired to bake, make or do anything as a result of a post I have written or
  • Taken solace in the fact that I have survived nearly seventeen years of parenting so it is clearly possible

please VOTE FOR ME!

If that’s not enough, watch this and my children will explain

Vote for Thinly Spread…

Convinced? Go to the voting page over at the MAD blog awards. Pop in your name and email address, scroll down to the Schooldays category and click on THINLY SPREAD. Once you’ve done that (and not before) scroll through the other categories and dispense votes to other hard working bloggers like a little happiness fairy. Thank you!

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  1. Very original. I’ve voted. Good luck! :-)

    • Thanks Lynda! :-) x

  2. I’m a follower from Portugal and I’ve voted in Thinly Spread!
    Good luck (:

    • Oh thank you! How kind!

  3. Good point. Made well!

    • *bows*

  4. Loved your clip – inspired! Xx

    • Thank you! :-)

  5. Good luck missus :D

    • Thanks Annie! x

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