Tuesday Treats is a weekly round up of blog gems chosen by Ruth at DorkyMum, Becky at Baby Budgeting  Liz at Me and My Shadow and me!

This week it’s my turn to share what I’ve been reading so grab a cuppa and a slice of cake, maybe wander out into the garden or throw open a window to let the Spring air curl its way around you and work its magic.

cherry blossom

I’ve missed the sound of blog posts pinging into my inbox since Rosie Scribble went and got herself a fabulous job in London, she always writes so well. This week she shared a heart rending post about the cruelty of children but my heart filled with pride as I saw the strength and determination of this lovely Mum shining through.

Mari at Mari’s world wrote a post which made me grin and took me back a bit as she outlined how much she has changed in 30 years! While you’re over at her place have a look at her wedding video too – gorgeous! I so wish I had something like that!

Multiple Sclerosis has dominated my thinking as #MSWeek gets into gear, with three close friends affected by MS, three women my age, this is a cause close to my heart. Cat writes a blog called Coping with MS, this is the post she wrote for MS Awareness Week in 2011, I love the feisty final sentence!

Clara’s blog Sunny Side Up is always guaranteed to make me smile so I want to introduce you to it if you haven’t found it already! This week I have watched as her shed goes up (I do love a shed) and giggled at the funny things children ask her as she makes author visits to schools.

This week is Screen Free Week and Cathy at NurtureStore has 100 Fun Kids Activities for Screen Free Week just crying out to be explored! I’ve made a list!

With austerity and poverty becoming a news staple (and as many of us are regularly emitting steam from our ears over the injustices being handed out Left, Right and Centre) Jax at Live Otherwise talks about life on a pound a day as the Live Below the Line campaign gets underway. Jax asks the very important question ‘Is this kind of campaign helpful or could it cause more problems than it solves?’

Ben at Mutterings of a Fool has recently moved from very near to me to not as near and I’m keen to see how his new garden is getting along. I’m very jealous of the fields he backs on to and the space he now has to play with so I was delighted to read what he had been up to down at the bottom of the garden!

Finally, this very useful post by Emma at Mummy, Mummy, Mum is a must read for anyone planning to travel with small children this summer!

I hope you enjoy my selection and that the rest of your day is filled with sunshine and laughter!

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