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Magic Summer Live Music Festival Ticket Giveaway!

It’s Festival Time and, if you live where we live, the sky is full of private helicopters circling Babbington House and heading of to Glastonbury to offload their latest celebrity cargo. Mr TS and I spent many a happy year in the mud fields of deepest Somerset, it seemed rude not to when we lived so close but, over the last few years, the appeal has worn off a little and we’ve turned instead to smaller, family friendly, festivals. Last year we had a blast at Wilderness, this year we’ve been invited to review WOMAD (more on that one soon) and a new one to us Magic Summer Live.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw the line up for Saturday at Magic Summer; Jamiroquai, Ocean Colour Scene and CHIC amongst many others! One of my earliest followers on Twitter three years ago was a certain Mr Nile Rodgers and, once I’d established he was the Real Thing, we had a bit of a banter and have even shared one or two brief private Direct Message conversations. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last 35 years, Nile is one of the founder members of Chic, is a FABULOUS guitarist and a frankly incredible music producer. He is The Man behind many of my favourite tracks by some of my favourite artists collaborating with David Bowie (swoon), Duran Duran (swoon), Diana Ross (OMG), Madonna (not my cup of tea) and, most recently Daft Punk (How cool is he?!).

He’s played his guitar for Aretha Franklin and Ben E King amongst many MANY more. He is the king of Funk and R&B and I can’t WAIT to see him live, this has MADE MY YEAR!

The rest of the line up on the Saturday is equally funky while Sunday sashays into the world of Rock and Pop, go and have a look for yourselves, the full line up can be seen here.

SO, many of you are now jealous and you are wishing you too could be there shaking your booty to Chic, Ocean Colour Scene, Bryan Adams, James Morrison and the rest! BUT I’m not here just to say ‘Oooh, aren’t I a lucky blogger?!’, I have TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY! Tickets are on sale here priced £67 per adult per day and £30 per child but I have a family pass for both days (2 adults and 2 children) up for grabs!

The deadline on this one is tight so leap into that Rafflecopter giveaway below and cross your fingers! The closing date is 3rd July at 12am so get a wiggle on!

You can also enter to win over on Sally’s blog at Who’s the Mummy and Annie’s at Mammasaurus. Both have closing dates after mine so, if you’ve missed the boat here, nip over there right now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is the song which first introduced me to Nile when I bought the LP from a record stall on Stafford Market way back in the day!

Disclosure: We have been invited to attend Magic Summer Live as a family and will be there on the Saturday dancing our feet off!

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  1. Ooh it looks like a good one, not heard of it before, cant make that weekend, so haven’t entered, but will be keeping an eye out for next year! Have fun xx

  2. I would love to see Ocean Colour Scene, happy memories.

  3. this is just round the corner from me!! I’d love to see Bryan Adams on my doorstep

  4. Has to be Bryan Adams

  5. I’d so love to see Bryan Adams!

  6. I’d love to see what The Overtones are like – my friend loves them!

  7. Ocean Colour Scene – goes that reminds me of being at Uni

  8. Love to see Jamiroquai!

  9. Oh this would be amazing, I think we are just about ready to take the children to a festival and this one looks ideal.

  10. Ocean colour scene

  11. Would be ha-mazing to see Ocean Colour Scene again, my kids would
    love this so much :)

  12. Soul II Soul! Saw Jamouriqui at Glasto in 1995 though and would love to see him live again! Squeeze would be super cool not least because the current keyboard player is a house mate from my student days!

  13. Bryan Adams

  14. it’ll be good times.. chic…

  15. We’d love to see James Morrison, my wife & kids would think I was the best hubby / dad ever! esp as it’s on in my hometown! yay! :)

  16. I would love to see Alexander O’Neal. The man has an amazing voice

  17. I love Joss Stone.

  18. Any of them! I could show my son my seriously cool mum dancing!

  19. I would absolutely love to take my children to a festival, but on a personal not I would love to go and see Bryan Adams!!!

  20. I too live near to Glastonbury (Taunton) and had Glastonbury blues this year…. I have never suffered like I did this year lol :( missed Mumford and Sons (and my brother got to go hmmf!) 2 years ago I experienced my first festival (Camp Besti) and I have the bug! Wth a line up like this to Magic summer Live theres so much to choose from Joss Stone (local to us) will be great, Bryan Adams for pure nostalgia and WOW to Jamiroquai, a firm favourite in our household, so would love all the above for different reasons!!! What a lucky bunny you are too….

  21. What a great line-up! I’d love to see Nile Rodgers and Chic, no hang on….Soul II Soul, or maybe Jamiroquai. Or maybe Alexander O’Neal. Or Squeeze. Thanks :)

  22. wow they are all Amazing Acts and I would love to see them all, I am always Listening To Magic most of the day to be honest and would love to go to this festival but cant afford the Tickets, have been trying to win some on the radio but sadly I never get through my Answers to there questions are always right as well Gutted my favourite act would have to be Bryan Adams I love chic too it would be such an Amazing place to be and the Atmosphere would be like no other, so I am going to keep my Fingers very tightly crossed and just hope and pray that I win this

  23. this is the replacement for Guilfest and I have to say the line up looks so much better than Guilfest ever did! I’d love to see Jamiroquai – the first time I saw them was about 20 years ago, so I’d love to relive “Travelling without Moving”! :)

  24. id like to see bryan adams – everything I do still gives me a tingle when I hear it x

  25. Bryan Adams

  26. Bryan Adams and closely followed by OCS!

  27. James Morrison

  28. I would love to see Ocean Colour Scene, happy memories

  29. Would be awesome to see Bryan Adams

  30. Ocean Colour Scene

  31. I would love to see Jamiroquai….hope Jay Kay brings his fancy hats with him too! That would be fantastic to see live!

  32. Ocean Colour Scene brings back uni memories :0)

    • Sorry name and email in the wrong box can you swap round please

      • Will do when on laptop later!

  33. Would really love to see Jamiroquai this summer, they’ll get Stoke park rocking on Saturday :)

    • Squeeze coz it’s cool for cats
      if this festival is as good as Guildfest it’s a winner

  34. Jamiroquai! Loved him when i was younger and my 5 yr old thinks he’s fairly cool too :)

  35. I’m going with Ocean Colour Scene, so close though some great bands there

  36. Would love to see james morrison!

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