Today’s Tuesday Treats have a Festive feel (yes, I know it’s Wednesday – I took a Day Off yesterday…with My Husband…*shocked face*). Hosted alternately by Dorky Mum, Baby Budgeting, Thinly Spread and Me and My Shadow Tuesday Treats is a weekly round up of blog gems highlighting the funny, inspirational and sometimes weird world of blogging. With The Big Day only a week away I am offering you a mixed Christmas sack of surprises so pop your hand in, have a rummage and pull out a gem or two!

Molly at Mother’s Always Right is first up – she had me laughing out loud with her fear of her daughter’s first Nativity play at preschool. I’d love to read the follow up to this one!

Meanwhile The 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess had to deal with the question all parents dread – ‘Is Santa Real?’ go and see how she dealt with it and marvel at the cunning approach taken by her husband in a bid to avoid meltdown!

This post by fellow Treater Becky over on her Family Budgeting blog made me nod a lot. She lists the 21 best free things about Christmas, all those bits which make for special memories and don’t cost a penny.

Moving on to food (as I am wont to do!) I am hoping for snow having read Cass’s advent activity over at her One Stop Christmas blog – Snow Flavoured Ice Cream! Brilliant.

One of my very favourite crafty people has one of the simplest of Christmas crafts to keep little (and not so little) hands busy. I love making Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes and Anthea’s look very pretty!

With Pinterest full of amazing images and ideas, Twitter bursting with links to incredible crafts and delicious food and Facebook glittering and groaning under the weight of Christmas tree lights Mummy Limited wrote this timely reminder that Christmas, Your Way is the right way just as Christmas My Way is right for me.

These Christmas bulb suncatchers from Rebecca at Here Come the Girls are top of my ‘I’d like to do this if I have the time’ list. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Back to food for my last three finds! My Darlings and Me linked her Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake to my Festive Friday linky a few weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about it – once seen never forgotten and definitely on my ‘must make this’ list!

Emma over at Bavarian Sojourn caught my eye and teased my tastebuds with her Æbleskiver and I think I may now need an Aebelskiver pan in my collection!

Finally, with many a family movie moment ahead I was very taken by Christmas Popcorn over at Life at the Zoo! So simple and so pretty!

This will be my last Tuesday Treats for 2013 so I would like to say a big Thank You to my fellow treaters Becky, Liz and Ruth who are three of the nicest women I know – blogging has brought me many, many new friends but these three are a bit special :-)

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