I am easily distracted and have just spent a very happy half hour tootling around the Forestry Commission’s on line shop. I had intended to have a rummage for last minute gifts for other people but I seem to have drawn up a wish list for myself instead! If any family member/anyone who loves me is reading this, these would make mighty fine stocking fillers!

Mr TS recently bought me an alpaca wool jumper and it is keeping me nice and warm so I have high hopes for these mittens! Knitting them should keep me busy for a few dark January evenings, I like that the it comes with bamboo needles because the metal ones disagree with my hands, especially when it’s chilly! Priced at £19.95 this would  make a lovely stocking filler.


Still thinking about January, most of our bird feeders have now seen better days and I’m rather taken with this handsome fellow at £17.87

Forestry Commission Bird Feeder

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a bunch of seasonal British flowers delivered once a month for a year?! What a treat! Currently on offer for £300 I would get 12 bunches for the price of 10 and what joy they would bring!

Seasonal British Flowers

Finally, I do fancy snuggling up under this lovely lamby blanket. Perfect for a bit of winter fireside story sharing, don’t you think?!

sheep blanket, forestry commission

I am a Forestry Commission Blogger Ambassador, this is not a sponsored post

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