Veganuary – Instagram Photo Competition!

Well…what a year that was! 2014 is now knocking very firmly on our door and it looks like being another Big One for all of us. The main event looming on the horizon is the imminent departure of Teen 1 as he sits his A Levels and, all being well, heads off to Uni in the Autumn – eek!

When he does go it is extremely unlikely that he will voluntarily add ‘milk and cheese’ to his weekly shopping list as dairy produce has always disagreed with him so, if he is going to go down the vegan route, I want to arm him with a good store of meals which are simple, delicious and full of all the nutrients he needs.

This is one of the reasons I am so pleased to have been asked to be a blogger ambassador for Veganuary!

Veganuary, vegan hamper photo comp

Tomorrow sees the 27th anniversary of my own conversion to vegetarianism, over the last few years I have been increasing my vegan repertoire and am moving gradually towards a total change so this is an opportunity for me to give it a proper go and see how I get along!

What is Veganuary?

It’s just what it says on the tin, thousands of people signing up to go vegan for the month of January! Supported by the animal charity Viva and with recipes, resources, a 31 day menu plan the Veganuary website explains it all!

Where Does Thinly Spread Come In?

I’m helping to promote the Instagram photo competition throughout January along with 3 other bloggers including the lovely Aly from Plus 2.4! If you fancy joining in and sharing your vegan food photos to dispel the myth that ‘vegans only eat carrots’ you could be in with a chance of winning a hamper full of vegan goodies.

Taking part is simple! Just upload your homemade vegan dish to Instagram and tag with the hashtag #MoreThanCarrots. At the end of January the 4 pictures with the most Instagram ‘likes’ will be declared ‘finalists’.

The 4 finalists will then have their pictures posted on the Veganuary website where people will get the opportunity to vote them up for 1 week before the overall competition winner is declared. All finalists will receive a prize and the overall winner will receive the main prize.

What do Vegans Eat?

To whet your appetite here are a few of the images I’ve posted on Instagram over the last couple of weeks – all vegan, all delicious. I hope I can inspire a few of you to have a go!

vegan recipes

Falafel in pitta pockets with tomatoes, crisp lettuce and a tahini dressing served with chilli roasted vegetable chips


Vegan Recipes

Wild Mushroom Risotto with Roasted Squash and Chilli Cashews

Vegan Recipes

Basil Tofu, Udon noodles, stir fried veg and spring rolls with chilli, ginger, garlic drizzle

Why Go Vegan?

For me the reasons have been creeping up on me gradually and it has reached the point where I am finding it more and more difficult to ignore the practices involved in the dairy industry; veganism is good for my health and my heart and I’m ready to give it a go!

As a cook I am very excited at the prospect of experimenting and moving out of my comfort zone with our every day food and as a Mum I’m looking forward to cooking with my eldest boy, spending time together in the kitchen and seeing what we come up with!

I’m hoping to post as many recipes as I can both here and over on Life is Delicious and, of course on Instagram so do follow our journey! I’ll be looking out to see what some of you are up to too!

Follow @weareveganuary on Twitter, on instagram and head on over to the website for advice, support, more details and for full terms and conditions for the competition.

Disclosure: I am not being paid to be an ambassador for Veganuary, I will be receiving some vegan treats for my help as I can’t enter the competition myself but I’m actually doing this for the reasons stated above!


  1. Hello! Am actually starting a 28 day detox tomorrow, cutting out meat, fish, dairy, wheat/gluten, caffeine and alcohol! So I guess I will be vegan in Jan too… definitely going to check out the website and the instagram feeds for inspiration and will join in as much as I can!

    • Oh how fabulous! Delighted to have you on board lady! Will you be vegan with a Greek twist?

        • Perfect :-)

  2. I’d decided to go vegan at least for January without even knowing about this project. I shall definitely use it as a valuable resource though. Thanks and good luck.

    • Brilliant! I hope you’ll instagram the results! :-) x

  3. I’m trying out vegetarianism this year but not sure I could do veganism. I suspect you need actual cooking talent to make it a realistic possibility…

    • I’m so chuffed you’re having a bash at the veggie life, that’s made me grin. Watch this space and my other place for uncomplicated vegan stuff too 😉

  4. I’m going to be the bumbling novice doing this.I hope to be more informed and lighter by the end of January.

  5. good luck to you and Aly – the food in the photos do look appetising x

  6. This sounds brilliant and useful for us as my son can’t have dairy. However, he also can’t have soya and we find that so much of a problem as it’s in so much food. Hopefully we will get some ideas for more dairy and soya free dishes (and perhaps also places to eat out which will suit him!) Good luck to all.

    • Thanks Sarah – I think I would find it impossible if I couldn’t use soya but I do have a fair few recipes up my sleeve which are soya and dairy free!

  7. What a fantastic challenge! I am blessed with a child who loves veg so we eat vegetarian food at least three or four times a week. I don’t think I could ever be vegan full-time but I’ll keep an eye on the hash tag for inspiration and add our contributions too :-)

    • Brilliant, thanks Kirsty! :-)

  8. Wow, these photos all look delicious. I was veggie for 15 years and although we now eat meat in our family, I’m currently looking for more vegetarian ideas to try. I’d love to see ideas that are simple and quick to make. I worry that ‘proper’ recipes will be complicated or full of unusual ingredients!

    • I think that is a very common worry for people just starting out Peggy! As a vegetarian of nearly 30 years I don’t think my storecupboard is unusual and my recipes are rarely complicated (I don’t have time when the children are baying for food!) I have, however, just had to buy one or two new things for my Veganuary pantry but once you have them I guess they rapidly become normal, if you see what I mean! 😉

  9. I was a vegan since 2004 and fell off for a year into vegetarianism, but now back on track ! Best decision I ever made in my life 😀



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