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Sharing the Simple Things in January

This week’s Simple Things are windy walks, muddy puddles, hot chocolate, and seeing your mates after an overdose of family over Christmas!

With the last whisper of Christmas still echoing around the house Bonus Boy and I took advantage of his extra INSET day by heading off to climb a hill and blow away the glittery cobwebs. Climbing Cley Hill in Wiltshire is one of his absolute favourite things to do and, when a mate comes too, it’s perfect!

It was incredibly windy when we all reached the top, we leaned into the wind and gasped as it whipped our breath away and brought tears to our eyes; we thought we might actually be able to lift our feet and fly!

simple things, walking in the wind, Cley Hill

Finding a broken but useable sledge was the icing on the cake, they sat in it to eat our picnic before throwing themselves with huge enthusiasm down the very bumpy grassy hill.

grass sledging on Cley Hill

Bonus Boy shoved his hands in his pockets and they stumped off ahead, homeward bound, chatting and catching up.

Walking home in sunbeams, Cley Hill

Of course, who can resist a muddy puddle?!

muddy puddles

Back at home he and I supped on real hot chocolate (melted chocolate and frothy milk, none of your powdered nonsense!) and ruminated on a day well spent.

real hot chocolate

I’m hoping to have time to record our simple things every week, the things which cement us as a family and the things they remember as they get older. I asked the teens recently what they remembered from their earlier days and it is moments like these which sprang to mind rather than the Big Stuff.  What are your simple things to do in January?



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  1. Simple things catching the leaves as they blow around and snuggling on the sofa with curtains closed after school.
    cerys recently posted…Tuesday Tots 2014My Profile

    • Yes to both of those – especially sofa time, I love that, it’s a bonus of dark, wet days and not to be sniffed at! :-)

  2. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a January day. Love the first picture!
    Gina Caro recently posted…Team Honk Relay 2014My Profile

    • I thought he was going to blow away – I should’ve taken string and flown him lke a kite!

  3. Your photos are outstanding ! Love you …great minds x

    • Thanks gorgeous! I couldn’t believe it when I saw your post! We really are living parallel lives! xxx

  4. Love a good hill climb! Perfect way to spend a day. I just put some of the kids art work in frames, really helped me feel more tidy, more like a good mum and was a good way to celebrate all those little scraps of paper they give me with doodles on!
    Alexander Residence recently posted…In the right frame of mind – my Habitat framesMy Profile

    • Lovely idea! I always intend to do that and forget and have piles of precariously balanced artwork as a result! My daughter has taken to framing her own masterpieces – poor love ;-)

  5. That MUD!! Loved this post Chris, the pictures are lovely, especially the black and white one! :)

    • It was glorious and totally irresistible, you should’ve seen his jeans! :-D

  6. Lovely post! As the say ‘enjoy the small thiings in life
    as one day you may look back and realise that they were
    the big things. That pic with the suns rays beating down is
    MishMashMamma recently posted…Out of the darkness and into the lightMy Profile

    • Thank you! I’m pleased with the photos, they are all taken on my iphone because I forgot my camera (sort of on purpose – I’m trying to enjoy the simple things through my eyes rather than my lens a bit more this year!) so I was dead chuffed with that one! The small things are definitely the big things as chats with my older ones have proved :-)

  7. That sounds like a perfect day to me. With hill climbs off the agenda for me at the moment I enjoyed living vicariously through yours, thanks.

    • My pleasure! My thighs were a bit achey the next day, that wind was relentless!

  8. I love this idea – it’s the simple things that make you smile and warm inside

    • Thanks Hazel, you’re right – warm, fuzzy feelings are just the best!

  9. Just lovely, Chris. Happy times making memories.
    Trish – Mum’s Gone to recently posted…BufferingMy Profile

    • The best times Trish :-)

  10. What a lovely way to get outdoors, although that wind does look very bad. Loving the photo of them walking back down the mud track, would look lovely printed on a canvas.
    Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Wicked Soreen chocolate loaf eaten three waysMy Profile

  11. I’m loving the themes of simplicity on blogs at the moment. This is absolutely the kind of post I want to write more of. And time well spent

  12. What a lovely day and that 3rd photo is simply beautiful Chris.
    Mum of One recently posted…Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Drunken StrippersMy Profile

  13. Awww aren’t they sweet! Lovely to have best friends to share those simple (but best!) things in life!
    maggy, red ted art recently posted…Valentine’s Gifts: Fridge MagnetsMy Profile

  14. Looks like a fantastic outing! It’s amazing how just getting outdoors can really lift your mood. We love hot chocolate too when we come back inside. It’s definitely the everyday things that are memorable.
    Jennifer recently posted…Chinese New Year craft – Dragon toilet roll tube puppetsMy Profile

  15. It has to be finding signs of Spring and we found some this week in the little are that we pass onto the way to school.I’m taking the kids out for a long walk Sunday so I’m hoping to get some great photos too.
    Aly recently posted…A Perfect Vegan Banana And Raisin BreadMy Profile

  16. What a wonderful record of moments in your family’s year this is going to be! I love a walk up a blustery hill but with the weather we have been having I am surprised you didn’t get blown away! I love the boys’ rosy cheeks and muddy boots – a mark of a truly great day out x
    Kirsty recently posted…Percy the Park Keeper Woodland AnimalsMy Profile

  17. I love this idea – I might try it too x x
    Cass@frugalfamily recently posted…The one with the phone call from school….My Profile

  18. What a lovely idea for a blog post. What simple things do we like? Taking all the duvets off the beds and building a den/tent in the house. It makes a mess and means I have to spend half an hour re-making the beds that evening, but the boys love the camping experience indoors – when it’s too cold to do it outside.
    Donna@MummyCentral recently posted…New Year Blog Gems: KiddyChartsMy Profile

  19. This is a really lovely post. Thanks for reminding us that it’s the little magical simple things that make family life memorable. And how do I make real hot chocolate? :-)

  20. Looks like the perfect winter’s day to me. We’re also going through a hot chocolate phase at the moment, although I’ll need to try making the proper stuff like you’ve done here! Disco dancing in the new living room is another simple pleasure. You can’t beat a bit of dancing on a cold wintry day.

  21. What a lovely idea! These kind of memories can be easy to forget I find, but always so funny and nice to remember. Great way of recording them – and getting some snaps along the way :) one of my new years resolutions is to try and take more photos of the family – and this post has reminded me why!


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