Simple Things – Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside!

I started recording our Simple Things as the year started, this week our Stuff Which Costs Nothing But Is Actually Priceless has included wind leaning, beach jumping and mysterious finds.

On Sunday four of us headed eagerly for the coast as the sun broke through the clouds at last! The other two were already otherwise engaged with studies, rehearsals and friends so we tootled on down with just our Bonus Boy and his nearly biggest brother.

There is absolutely nothing guaranteed to lift my spirits than a walk on the beach and a walk on the beach on a blustery day is top of my simple pleasures.

We did some wind leaning on the peak of Chesil Beach’s very high stone bank, had a good laugh at my mad hair and the boys indulged in a bit of beach jumping.

beach jumping on Chesil Beach

We crunched along, listening to the waves and to the stones moving under our feet

Footprints on the beach

We found shells and driftwood, a Mermaid’s Purse and a pearly egg case

egg case on the beach

We pondered the mystery of the missing diver, wondering who might have lost this and where and when. We really, really hoped we wouldn’t find the rest of him further along!


At the end of the day in the silence of late winter with the sun dipping down behind the Bank we wanted to stay.

sunset at Portland Marina

But curling up on my bed with a good book before sliding under covers warmed by a hot water bottle and a lazy cat is not so bad either.

Me and Him

Taking time to appreciate the simple things, to notice the every day brings a calm serenity into our busy lives. What simple things are you making time for in February?


  1. What lovely photos, it looks like a wonderful day. We are close to the sea too and I really should make the effort to get down there more often, it’s so exhilarating when it’s windy and there’s always something fascinating to find.

    • Bonus Boy said we should write a book of all the things you can do at the seaside in winter because he didn’t think people knew …there was nobody else on the beach as far as we could see!

  2. This makes me want to run off to the seaside!
    We are trying to enjoy more of the simple things. My girls are loving the library at the moment. New FREE books every week :-)

    • It makes me want to go back right now Donna! The library is an essential part of childhood for me, a lovely simple thing! x

  3. I grew up near pebble beaches, filling my wellington boots with freezing cold sea water in the winter waves. There is something so cleansing about a wild, salty wind and then coming home to blankets, warmth and stories. It is these small moments that we remember x

    • He was desperate to go down to the waves but I held him back this time – it was SO wild he would’ve been knocked off his feet and swept away. I do wish we lived a little closer but it’s fab to be able to get there and clear our heads :-)

  4. I’m spending my M&S Christmas vouchers on fresh flowers for the house. Simple but so uplifting at this time of year. Lovely post – definitely a reminder to me to seek a bit more calm. And some sea air – fresh! x

    • What a lovely idea – I love flowers in the house :-) I planted a small patch of our garden as a ‘cutting garden’ last year just so I could have flowers all the time – there are still flowers in it now!

  5. Gorgeous pics! I love Chesil Beach- wouldn’t fancy it much today though!

    • Me neither Sonya – it’s definitely Windsday!

  6. I love the simplicity of your photos too – they say it all. I took myself down to a local beach this morning, purely because. It was very windy and the sea was glorious x

  7. What a perfect day!

    I much prefer the beach in the winter when you can have it all to yourself!

  8. Completely with you – there is nothing better than the beach in the winter! The sound of stones tumbling in the tide and the wind in your face is just the best!

  9. Ahhh we too love the beach – it’s the free and simple things that are the best x

  10. Oh, our fave winter pastime. We live in Cornwall so the beach is sandy, but I grew up in Hastings where the pebbles were just like this. Fabulous photos, lovely memories H x

  11. I am embarrassed to say that this is the first time i’ve properly indulged in your blog. I am loving this series of ‘simple things’ – this post and your sailing one :) It looks as though you have children of a similar age to me so I shall be avidly following from here. I do a monthly round up called Friday Favourites and will share your series this week, if that’s ok?

    • That would be lovely Suzanne, thank you! I’m so glad you came and that you liked what you saaw :-)

  12. Those photos are lovely! I’d love to walk along a windy beach in winter, but sadly we don’t live near enough!


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