Last Minute Valentine’s – Quick and Easy!

Mr TS and I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s – I know he’s mine and he knows I’m his and that’s all that matters.

I do, however, like a quick and easy last minute Valentine’s craft/bake/card, here are some of my favourites from my own back catalogue followed by a few by people I like! Click on the images to be whizzed off to the full post for each idea.

Fingerprint Valentine’s Hearts

Sweet and simple, we used pearlised poster paint on watercolour paper

fingerprint hearts

Valentine’s Wreath

I do love a pom pom craft, we made these with our pom pom makers and threaded the finished fluffies onto garden wire

valentine wreath

Recycled Valentine – Loo Roll Heart Mobile

A loo roll craft for every occasion!


How to Make Peppermint Creams

Our delicious pink peppermint cream hearts were featured over on Red Ted Art’s fabulous month of love. We coloured them using beetroot juice and were VERY pleased with the way they turned out!

how to make peppermint creams

More Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas!

Jennifer’s Little World has full instruction to make these delightful little felt gift bags

felt gift bags

Penny shares this pretty heart mobile over at Being Mrs C

All You Need is Love and Cake has a lovely selection of simple Valentine’s decorations to cheer the place up on this gloomy day

ALl you need is love and cake blog

Mummy Mishaps Red Velvet Brownies are making me drool unattractively

Red Velevet Brownies

Kiddycharts have been indulging in a bit of origami and have come up with an idea to mend a broken heart!

And I’ll leave you with these lovely Valentine’s window decorations from the Fairy and the Frog which will glow and gleam and bring colour to your hearts when the sun comes out and shines through them – a woman can wish!

Have you got any quick and easy last minute Valentine ideas to share?


  1. What lovely ideas, thanks for bringing them all together, and thanks for including mine! I love the pom pom wreath, I’ve not made pom poms yet with my little one and that is a lovely way to display them.

    • I love your little bags, we’re going to have a bash at them this weekend :-)

  2. So pretty! We don’t really do Valentine’s either but this morning I was surprised with not one, but TWO cards on the doormat. One from each of my boys :-)

    • Perfect! Bless them!

  3. thank you for compiling this lovely post of ideas . we do not celebrate V’s day either – I probably would but nayway!
    I adore those little finger print hearts and your peppermint creams are so pretty.
    thank you for including my brownies and enjoy your evening x x

    • I am dreaming of your brownies Jenny! Thank you for letting me feature them :-)

  4. Brilliant ideas!

    • Thank you *takes a bow*


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