What Colour Should I Paint My Kitchen?

We have a fabulous auction house in Frome and, every now and again, I win something I really like – Mr TS insists I haven’t won anything, that I have bought it and it is not a triumph for which I deserve flowers and a trophy, but I ignore him. This week I came home with this beauty – it’s a kitchen, in a cupboard!

kitchen in a cupboard, ideas for a small kitchen

Look what it does!

Kitchen in a cupboard 2

Oh I have such plans – that middle bit is just crying out to be a baking station don’t you think? I can keep my favourite mixing bowls and spoons in there along with flours, sugars and decorating essentials and I can whip and mix on that lovely metal surface. Can you tell how excited I am?!

BUT…I have a problem. Once I’ve cleaned it and dreamed about it a bit more I need to paint it, possibly change the handles, generally show it a bit of TLC but I have no idea what colour to choose! This is where you come in, I need your interiors ideas!

I have to fit it around the cream kitchen unit doors which I still like and can’t afford to replace.The kitchen walls are cream and the contrasting walls in the sunroom and behind the cooker are a deep sunny egg yolk yellow. I painted it 13 years ago when we moved in and it is beyond time for a revamp. Now I have the perfect excuse but what colour should I choose?

what colour should I paint my kitchen?

So, answers in the comments please, what colour should I paint my kitchen and my cupboard? Mr TS wants me to paint the outside brown and the doors cream. Save me.

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  1. What a gorgeous cabinet! I love it… and have one similar in my kitchen. Mine doesn’t have that nifty folding down bit though.

    Have you seen Lucy’s wonderful refurb of a knackered old cabinet, a bit like yours (only a bit sadder looking). She did a wonderful job: http://lulastic.co.uk/thrifty-2/our-recycled-home/1950s-cabinet-makeover-my-new-craft-station/ I like the way she used the fold-down bit for a sewing station.

    But – you ask about colours… how about a beautiful retro sky blue or a Farrow & Ball type shade of green/grey?

    • I hadn’t seen Lucy’s but now I have and I need another cupboard! What colour is yours? I’m nosey!

      • My cabinet is just plain white – I’ve got quite a monochrome kitchen (black chalkboard walls, white cupboards, oak floor) so it goes well. The glass doors on mine have a cool retro pattern on them in gold which I think gives it a slight glamour touch!

  2. Your cupboard is beyond gorgeous!

    Would the metal drop down be good for making pastry on too? I’m guessing it’d be cold?

    Love that you had the perfect gap for it too!

    I actually really like the slatey blue colour it is – maybe paint your kitchen to match?!

    • It is cold and, yes it would! So many facilities! I was thinking blue but (as I said to Karen) I do worry that it will feel cold in the gloomy winter. It does look lovely in blue though…
      The gap wasn’t perfect…Mr TS had to adapt the door so it will still open – he bought clever hinges, I do like having a practical person about the place!

  3. I love these cupboards. Always reminds me of a childhood friend whose mum had one in her kitchen. I remember they were really posh because they kept chocolate in the Fridge !!!

    I would paint your walls a soft grey and the cupboard the same colour as your existing units with the doors in the same grey as the walls to pull it all together.

    oh and what I would give to get my hands on your table, chairs and bench !!

    • Ha! The table and chairs were auction finds too and I love them, the bench was IKEA about 15 yeras ago and is packed to the gunnells with crafting paraphernalia! I always worry greys and blues are cold, is that ridiculous?

  4. I love buttery yellow (or eggy yellow as you have)for a kitchen – so warm and cosy in the bleak winter. Why not refresh the yellow and paint the cabinate in cream and yellow as well. It was mentioned above, but would you consider painting the table to match?

    • Oh I couldn’t bear to paint the table! Buttery yellow might be nice…it does bring the sunshine in even when it’s vile outside :-)

  5. Ooh good find, I must get down and visit – I’m only in Weston! I would lift it to a cornflour blue, bright and cheerful! xx

  6. I remember my grandma having one of these. I thought it was ever so posh and clever. As I’m in Cornwall on holiday at the moment and I’m into all things Cornish, so it has to be a lovely shade of clotted cream or a lovely pale blue just like the colour of today’s sky!

    • Ooooh…Cornishware blue….:-)

  7. We had one of those when I was growing up, it was known as “the flap”, or, more accurately “t’flap”! If you needed anything, it could always be found in t’flap.
    I like blue and cream for it too……..
    We also have the IKEA bench – it’s in the hall full of wellies, walking boots, trainers, dog leads – it’s a life saver.

    • I shall be calling it t’flap from now on in my best Yorkshire :-)

  8. Hmmm. If you want it to be a centrepiece, a kitchen within a kitchen, you need to paint it some completely different colour and make it stand out. On the other hand, there’s always magnolia….:)(PS I love it btw)

    • Magnolia?! Are you insane?!

  9. I think it’s a fab colour and I would leave it in it’s current glory. I like the handles.
    I’m not a huge fan of yellow in rooms (I used to be but I’ve gone off yellow for walls – sorry) but it is cheery and bright.
    What about having a look at Farrow & Ball, beautiful colours and lots of non-colours. Colours you can’t quite put your finger on, colours that aren’t easy to describe. I bet there’s a nice neutral that will look fabulous in your kitchen and sit as a nice light background.

    • The handles are staying but I’m now leaning very heavily towards yellow – while you be able to sup tea in my kitchenagain or will it make you wince?

  10. wow, what an amazing cupboard! I saw one in an antique shop last year but had no means of transporting it, it was a sad day. I’m updating my kitchen and dining room at the moment and found these colours. http://www.minimoderns.com/category/paint I think any of them would look amazing in your kitchen.


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