Simple Things – Ripples, Spring Flowers and Comic Books

I started recording our Simple Things as the year started, this week our Stuff Which Costs Nothing But Is Actually Priceless has included the first signs of Spring, making the most of the rain and a small boy drawing.

The rain has seemed endless and we are beginning to tire of puddle jumping, raindrop racing and being wet on the walk to school but I do enjoy a bit of ripple watching. There is something so mesmerising and hypnotic about ripples and I am so glad our pond is just outside the sunroom window.

ripples in a pond, simple things

When the sun does break valiantly through the clouds I’ve been shoving my feet into wellies, grabbing my gardening gloves and rushing outside, but on Saturday I took the time to stand back and enjoy the signs of Spring which are suddenly emerging.

primroses, spring flowers, simple things

narcissi, spring flowers, simple things

Raindrop, Spring, simple things

Mr Thinly Spread and I took a sneaky walk together for his birthday and Spring was springing everywhere! It seems to start with the sounds, birds flirting madly with each other, the rustling in the undergrowth as they gather nesting material and worms.

Robin, Spring, simple things

The light changes and lifts and then the gentle colours burst through, flowers shaking off the raindrops and lifting their petals to the sun. There is a breathtaking carpet of snowdrops in the garden at Bonus Boy’s school, we stop most mornings to gaze at it in awe!

snowdrops, spring, simple things

He’s making me smile a lot at theĀ  moment. He’s like a little learning sponge, soaking up knowledge and brimming over with ideas. He’s just discovered the sheer joy of writing his own comic strips just like his brothers and sister did at this age. The storylines keep bursting out of him and he has to get them down, even if it means dashing down in his pyjmas just before bedtime to do so!

drawing comic strips

What simple things have you been enjoying this week? Are you taking time to stop and look closely at the little things and realising that, actually, they are the big things?

I’m linking this up to this week’s Listography over at Kate Takes 5 – I know this isn’t a list, and it isn’t five but she’s doing Simple Pleasures and it would be rude not to join her!


  1. Oh honestly Chris how funny! Love this my favourite bit being the comic strips. Frankie too writes his own cominc his is called The bomber and the star charcter is a boy who blows up his school! He charges us 50p for it too. Your photos are lovely x

  2. Desperately trying to but we are still deep in snow and sub zero temps. However, I ordered a little temporary greenhouse today so that I can start some seedlings in a month or so without having to worry about frost.

  3. so good to finally see some sun! I enjoy a bit of ripple watching too.

  4. I’m also loving the spring springing. I have daffodils in every available vase in the house, and the sound of the birds whom Mr Purple always feeds are once again my morning alarm, which is lovely. Super Kid got given a charity shop find How To Be A Spy book, and has started writing coded letters which he exchanges with a friend at school, it’s very lovely. Simple things all but definitely the most important.

  5. love the rain drop hanging off the edge of that snow drop, i’ve been really enjoying the spring flowers starting to make an appearance and the trees beginning to bloom. i’ve even turned my attention to thinking about our flower baskets too! yay spring is coming :)

  6. You are so right, we need to celebrate the important little miracles. For me this week, the love and support of many I barely know, the garden filled with Spring blossom and the giggles of my girls at bedtime.


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