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Simple Things – Gardens, Tiptoes, Heirlooms and Birthdays

My Simple Things as April makes way for May are all the more important as life chez Thinly Spread is busy beyond busy at the moment.  I have two boys revising, one for GCSEs and the other for A Levels, and this week sees the beginning of the first wave of exams – it is the Simple Things which are keeping me sane!

April saw me out in the garden with my smallest companion, he’s a whizz with the secateurs! We’ve pruned, planted and plotted. We’ve leaned on our spades and rubbed our chins and we’ve looked around us and appreciated the fruits of our labours. There is something new to admire every day – we love it!

Simple Things, Raindrops on leaves

We’ve been picking flowers for the house almost weekly since I started work on the Cutting Garden this time last year, next week will bring an entire post introducing this venture properly but I can’t not mention it here too! Bonus Boy has watched me as I’ve chosen flowers for the kitchen and has been coming up with lovely combinations of his own. Last week he climbed the apple tree and picked a choice blossom – isn’t it pretty? I love the simplicity of his arrangement.

apple blossom, simple things

We’ve spent our first nights of the year on board and been rewarded with some magnificent sunsets. I love snuggling in for the night all cosy and warm being rocked gently to sleep and then woken by the sound of water lapping in the morning. (Of course, it’s sometimes hellish with the wind howling, the rigging creaking and groaning and the waves slapping deafeningly in my ears but I’m choosing to ignore that for this post!)

sunset in harbour, simple things

Bonus Boy is becoming quite a sailor, he sailed us solo for about 5 knots bringing us safely back in through the harbour walls last weekend. I love that he is still so small that he has to stand on tiptoe to see where he is going, this Simple Thing makes me smile every time!

tiny sailor, simple things

My lovely Mother in Law passed her gingerbread mould on to me when we visited recently. I can’t tell you what joy this Simple Thing brings me! I have a Christmas Baking book which I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago, it contains recipes for German gingerbread which need this mould and each time I use it I will think of her.

gingerbread mould

Finally, the beginning of May has seen us celebrating our First Born’s eighteenth birthday – I think it probably deserves a post all to itself but this picture of him and his lovely girl warms my heart. We made a man!

Birthday, simple things

I started writing about the Simple Things which make me happy back at the beginning of the year. What Simple Things have you been enjoying this month? Are you taking time to stop and look closely at the little things and realising that, actually, they are the big things?

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  1. I like social media and blogging, because although it robs me of lots of time, it also helps me focus and notice those small things that do mean a lot.

    Chris, I love your pictures! The droplets, the tiptoeing, the GF steeling your young man’s limelight with her face. ;-)
    Monika recently posted…Badger watching on an early May evening, Wytham WoodsMy Profile

    • Thank you Monika! I think you’re right, when I’m thinking about writing things down and sharing them I do focus on the things which matter and I get up nice and close!

  2. Beautiful stills, we’ve moved house firmly into the countryside so enveloped by green fields, ponies outside our front door and a beautiful river bank has made us all feel so relaxed and happy! Eating al fresco in May has also been pretty wonderful this month!
    Honest Mum recently posted…Holiday Time! (Nearly)My Profile

    • Oh how lovely! I do long for a view, my garden is enclosed, but then I just go down to the boat and I can see to the horizon! Eating al fresco is such a joy – food just tastes better outside!

  3. I loved this post. I felt so calm reading it. And your photography is amazing – that leaf with the raindrops took my breath away!
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…The ViewingMy Profile

    • *whispers* I was quite pleased with that one myself ;-) It makes me smile to know that I’ve created a little bit of calm!

  4. I have loved seeing the photos you’ve shared this week (although I’ve already seen them because I stalk you on FB!)

    Especially love the sailing photos, so serene!
    Liz Burton recently posted…Magpie Monday – A Pallet ProjectMy Profile

    • I like that you stalk me, I can cope with you as a stalker ;-)

  5. Such BEAUTIFUL photos!!!
    maggy, red ted art recently posted…T-Shirt Revamp (How To)My Profile

  6. Thank you Maggie! x

  7. That first photo is seriously amazing! You should enter that into a contest, honestly. Such a lovely post and I hope the First Born had an amazing birthday. Wishing you, and mainly the boys, all the best for the next few weeks. Such a stressful time but am sure it will all be worth it x
    Mum of One recently posted…Happy First Birthday Monday Parenting Pin It Party! #52My Profile

  8. Well of course you know which parts of the post are jumping out at me. The exams, your sons, having an 18 year old in the house who has a girlfriend! Wishing you peace, harmony and sanity over the coming weeks xx
    Trish – Mum’s Gone to recently posted…Go Native Hyde Park – live like a local in a serviced apartmentMy Profile

  9. In the midst of a pretty pants day yesterday my eldest started making paper flowers, soon we were all at it – really lovely and simple craft that brightened our day. Birds are singing outside as I type. Curling up with the dog. Lovely collection of lovely things Chris, keep them coming!
    Penny recently posted…Weeding and win vouchers – £150 from WayfairMy Profile

  10. I’m still in awe of the raindrops photo which I must have missed on social media, it’s stunning and what a week to remember. Happy birthday to your boy, best of luck with exams and everything the future holds for you
    Mari recently posted…Britain invaded by Gruffalos!My Profile

  11. What an utterly lovely post, adore the photo of the dew drops and the sunset one is stunning! And the lovely pics are accompanied by equally lovely words, fab stuff xx
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…On train journeys and being trapped in HarrodsMy Profile

  12. Gorgeous post, young lady. The little Converse tippy-toe shot is killing me! Too much cute.
    Ruth recently posted…Tuesday TreatsMy Profile

  13. Beautiful post. Best of luck with the exams.
    An 18 year old – how does that feel? My boy turns 18 this year and I’m not sure I’m ready for it. You look like you have a fine young man there.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…UK Festivals 2014 Outside of LondonMy Profile

  14. I love your writing so much! And that picture with the raindrops is just so beautiful1
    Otilia recently posted…Please…stop judging!My Profile

  15. What a beautiful collection of moments, happy family memories in the making!
    Cat (Yellow Days) recently posted…Taking it all inMy Profile

  16. Your photos are simply stunning and love that tiptoes are in there.mi get that completely
    Becky recently posted…Beautiful Things by Amanda CottinghamMy Profile

  17. Stunning images. Really enjoyed your writing. Thank you :)

  18. that ginger bread mould is something!
    HPMcQ recently posted…happy birthday mr gruffaloMy Profile

  19. Oooh this was BLISS. My simple thing tonight is pottering through my favourite blogs for the first time in ages, and I just gave a little happy sigh reading this. I’ve just remembered why i used to love reading blogs, and I’m going to get back to doing it regularly, with a cup of tea and something lovely by my side.
    Rachael Lucas recently posted…30k in 35My Profile

    • Ahhh, lovely Rachael! Welcome back! I’m glad I had something lovely waiting to tempt you in ;-)

  20. Another comment about your stunning pictures, the water droplets quite took my breath away, I can only dream to aspire to that level. My two boys have a long way to go before they reach the grand age of 18 but i have begun to realise that it will be upon me before I know it, good luck with the exams.
    Tracy recently posted…Camouflage CupcakesMy Profile

    • Oh thank you! How kind! Time does pass very quickly, it feels like yesterday that their hands were in mine and now they carry me around the kitchen!

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