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The Color Run – Why Not?!

I may have totally lost my marbles this time. When Esther asked in the Save the Children Blogger’s Group whether anyone fancied doing the Color Run in London. I applauded as Penny and Becky stepped up to the line, I prepared my Pom Poms and warmed up my cheering muscles and then…I had a think…I had a glass of wine…and I decided I wanted to be on the start line too!

Yes please, I thought, I would love to run for 5k while people throw coloured powder all over me – I know, I’ll ask my daughter if she’d like to do it too. She has clearly been in the sun too long because she also said yes, immediately, without thinking and with a certain amount of jumping up and down.

So, that’s it, we’re signed up and ready to go. It’s in TWO WEEKS TIME. The nearest thing I have to running shoes are my canvas shoes. I haven’t done any serious running since Uni. I’m 46 years old. People are going to throw stuff at me.

Color RunPicture Credit: The Color Run

The next two weeks will see my daughter and me training gently. It will probably see the boys throwing stuff at us just ‘for practice’. It will definitely be silly and it will all be on here/YouTube/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook and G+

Our sponsorship page is here…sponsor us, please!

PS. I know I’ve spelled Color wrong. Yes, it bothers me. I’m rolling with it.

You can read Penny’s post here and sponsor her here.

You can read Becky’s post here and sponsor her here.

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  1. I am super super excited about this! And the spelling of Color bothers me too… ;-)
    Penny Carr recently posted…Doubling my Save the Children ChallengeMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you’ll be there too! I am ridiculously excited and a teensy bit nervous!

  2. Yay! well done you! very jealous – maybe I’ll be fit enough to do it next year!
    Mary Keynko recently posted…Saturday is caption day!My Profile

    • I hope so Mary – it would be fab to have a big team of bloggers on the run!

  3. Wow that looks super fun. Good luck with the training :-)

    • Thank you – I think I’m going to need it! :-D

  4. How exciting does this look! Huge good luck vibes, though I’m sure you will be amazing!!
    Amanda recently posted…Center Parcs : What to do and see when you go to Center Parcs (Our Top 5)My Profile

    • I may just be a stumbling sweaty heap but I will be a determined sweaty heap! Thanks Amanda xxx

  5. Good for you! Will pop over and sponsor you :-)
    MostlyYummy recently posted…Mothers Ruined up for reviewMy Profile

    • I love you, you do know that don’t you?! :-) Thank you so much! xxx

  6. Oh I adore this! I would love to join you. Bit gutted I can’t as I’m citied to a gentle walk for the next 6 weeks due to health restrictions. But please do it again next year! I will be there with bells on. Have fun!
    Actually Mummy recently posted…Expressions portrait photo #07: Freeze movementMy Profile

    • Oh bless you :-( You’ve been on my mind! A Big Blogger Color Run next year would be just fab!

  7. This sounds awesome and something I would love to do in the future.
    Emma recently posted…Getting Personal for Fathers DayMy Profile

    • I had planned to do it next year Emma – it feels madder than a mad thing to be doing it in two weeks time!

  8. What a great idea! I’m sat here wondering if I’m still in time to join you but maybe I’m not quite awake yet?
    Mari recently posted…The Humble Meatloaf recipe revisitedMy Profile

    • Do you want me to put your name forward Mari? I’d love to have you on board!

  9. This is going to ace, especially the purple bit! Have sponsored you so get running.

    • I shall think of you as that shade hits me – thank you! xxx


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