Today marks the beginning of this year’s National Vegetarian Week and a recipe or two here on Thinly Spread. I hope we will tempt the tastebuds of those of you who are already vegetarian and that we can persuade those of you who are not to take a step along the road to a meatfree lifestyle!

Today’s offering is a crisp and crunchy green salad, packed full of flavour and goodness which is a must as a side dish on the veggie barbecue, perfect packed for a picnic and doesn’t last long if it’s left in the fridge to snack on! I served it for lunch yesterday with sizzled veggie sausages, tabbouleh and potato salad. Yum!

crunchy green salad, bean salad


Why not serve this up with a generous slice of asparagus quiche and really spring into Spring?

Asparagus Quiche

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