Simple Things in June – Songbirds, Tea, Sunshine and Smiles

My Simple Things as we meander into June have been those little soul restorers which lift my spirits, allow me to take a little space, breathe and then carry on. With a household dominated by summer exam revision these moments are really precious and total sanity savers.

Simple Things : The Dawn Chorus

I’ve been waking very early which could be really annoying if it weren’t for the songs of the garden birds. Listening to them before the rest of the town is up and about; before the hum of cars, the clatter of the bin lorry and the shouts of school children, calms me and readies me for the day in a way my alarm clock squawking really doesn’t. The warm coo of the wood pigeon, the show off trill of the blackbird and the operatic theatrics of the robin as well as at least a dozen more I can’t identify sing me into the day. I find myself trying to stretch my ears, listening to the birds beyond my own garden. As we try to reset our body clocks to fit the modern world listening to the birds in the early morning – the layer upon layer of sound – is one of the wonders of nature which is so easy to miss. I’d like to sign up for a dawn chorus walk with an expert who will help me identify all those beautiful songs but, in the meantime, these recordings from Songbird Survival are helping me! Robin

Simple Things: A Cup of Tea

I’ve already written this week about our love of tea. I think tea has single-handedly kept us sane through GCSE and A Level revision. The ritual of making a mug of tea and taking time to drink it, to sit and chat over how it’s all going or just to sit in companionable silence and recharge, allows us all to remain connected and up to date with each other even while we are all up to our ears in stuff. Brewing the perfect cup of tea takes a little time and that little time is enough to recharge a battery or two.

Simple Things: Sunshine

Sunshine really does make everything feel better. Pottering around my garden, sitting outside a cafe eating breakfast with a friend before we go our separate ways to work, lying on a blanket on the grass, getting the washing dry without it all being a bit of a palaver – all these very simple things, sorted by sunshine. I have a favourite spot to sit in the garden – on a bench, under the apple tree and I spent a happy hour there last Sunday, planning the week’s meals. Gareden Bench, Simple Things

Simple Things: Making Time

Of course not everyone in this house is revising for exams! I’ve made time to do things with our Bonus Boy to get him out of the house and away from the studious silence. Last weekend we took the opportunity to go bike riding in the woods at his pace, it was fab; I had a hard time keeping up with him!

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Becky and I are curating a Pinterest board full of Simple Things for a Rich Family Life, do pop over and have a look at it! 


  1. I love being woken by the birds. They really have captured my imagination this year to the point I used them as the prompt for a 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups!

    • It’s the depth of sound which gets me – it’s better than opera!

  2. You know I’m a morning person, so I do like the dawn chorus, but it starts rather early now doesn’t it? Like 4am! I’m also enjoying the other end of the day at the moment, sitting with the patio doors wide open at 9.30pm, it’s still light outside and the birds are singing away.

  3. It sounds like you’ve been finding your peace in amongst the stress of life. Tea is basically a cure all isn’t it.


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