London With Kids – Summer Fun in the Capital

With the Summer holidays now fast approaching it’s time to think how to fill all those lazy hazy days. I’m planning lots of doing nothing, plenty of sailing, a bit of crafting and some wonderful days out. I’ve promised to take them all to London and have been researching things to do and places to go which will keep us all happy. I’ve browsed Hotel Direct for a place to stay and come up with my London With Kids Wish List – what would you add to it?

The London Eye, London with Kids

1. A Barefoot Walk at Kew Gardens

Kew’s Summer Festival, ‘Plantasia’, looks perfect for us. With a barefoot walking trail, Mrs M’s Cart of Curiosities, Plant Family Croquet and a Healing Giant as well as acres of beautiful gardens, those wonderful glasshouses and a Pagoda to climb we’ll be in our element!

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Drury Lane

I have never been to a London show so I would absolutely LOVE to take my lot along to the most famous theatre of them all to see one of our very favourite children’s stories brought to life on stage – wouldn’t than be amazing?!

3.  Matisse at Tate Modern

I stole two hours to myself a few weeks ago and treated myself to a ticket to the Matisse Cut Outs exhibition which is on at Tate Modern until 7 September. It’s a remarkable show and I’d love to go again taking the children with  me, I know they’d love it too!

4. The London Eye

We could tick off all the key London sights on our ‘done that’ list with a 30 minute wheel ride on the London Eye. Each pod has a touchscreen which will tell us what we are looking at so I won’t look silly when I don’t know – marvellous!

5. A Visit to the Houses of Parliament

My eldest and I visited the Houses of Parliament together and he was lucky enough to get a ticket to PMQs on the day the hacking scandal broke. I’ve been several times since for work but I love that we can all just pop in and visit this incredible historic palace! I’m hoping that if we all go together we may be able to spot the statue of Stanley Baldwin – my Great, Great (and possibly another Great) Uncle on my paternal Grandmother’s side.

Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London with Kids

6. The British Museum

London is bristling with museums and I think they’ve all visited the science museum, the V&A and the Natural History Museum either with me or with school, but none of them have been to the British Museum. I used to take classes there when I was a teacher and we were studying the Egyptians – I know my own children will absolutely love the Mummies and more so this one is top of my list this summer!

7. Hyde Park

A leisurely day in the park is very appealing and Hyde Park is fabulous. I  really fancy a bit of boating on the Serpentine (can’t keep us off the water ;-)) and a visit to the Lido for a swim followed by a picnic in the sunshine. Perfect!

8. The Japan Centre

All being well my eldest will shortly be leaving home to study German and Japanese so a visit to the Japan Centre is an absolute must do! I suspect we will come home with bags full of ingredients for a bit more experimental cooking as well as several books which we  simply ‘must have’!

So – what else should we do? What would you add to make a Top Ten Must Do Activities for Kids in London list?

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  1. Wow, very impressed by the Standley Baldwin connection! Okay, so this is our one area of expertise! Yes to British Museum, definitely if you haven’t been though it gets extremely busy. Also Bank of England Museum is good and I think your youngest would love the Golden Hinde, especially if they have a fun day/special event going on. It’s right near Borough Market (lovely for lunch), and the Shard, plus the Clink (old prison, great fun, he would like it too). Plus it’s near the Globe (do you have time for a tour? How long are you staying for?) We love, love, loved ClueQuest, though it’s pricey – brilliant for the whole family though. Plus a walk along the South Bank, taking in the stalls (can do this on the way back from the Globe!) and having a bite to eat. Oh my goodness, there is so much, as we haven’t mentioned the Tower, nor Camden Market (your daughter will enjoy particularly and there is a lovely Vegan cafe nearby) and I think I’d better stop. You will have a brilliant time. We have lots of our suggestions on our blog. Can’t wait to hear about it. Think this is my longest blog comment ever…..

    • Goodness, thank you Sarah! Lots of fabulous ideas here :-) I think the Golden Hinde would be really interesting as we have been regular visitors over the years to the one in Brixham. I think a walk along the South Bank is a must do – the Globe, Matisse and the Southbank would make for an excellent day out. A friend recommended the Cabinet War Offices too – have you been there?

      • Yes, and they are really good too, although if it’s busy, then it can get really crowded in there. You can combine that with a walk down Whitehall and a peek into Downing Street (as you’ve been there recently, you won’t need to go in again :)

  2. How about one of the shows at the South Bank’s Festival of Love? There’s tons going on there. The Unicorn at London Bridge also has a good range of performances for children and young people. Have fun!

    • Oooh, a Festival of Love? I hadn’t clocked that one, thanks Nell. It looks like th South Bank is the place to be :-)

  3. I always love to head to covent garden, buy a treat from a nearby patisserie and settle on the pavements for a few street shows. Enjoy London.

  4. Oh this is great, this is exactly what we are planning to do this summer, we will travel down from Yorkshire on the train. Very firmly on the list for us is a trip to the tower to see the Beefeaters and the crown Jewels. I will never forget my Dad telling me about the mystery surrounding the two Princes!

  5. Battersea park children’s zoo is fantastic for children too!

    • Thanks for the tip :-)

  6. So? Did you get down to London? Did you visit the queen? And most importantly did you get to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


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