This ticks all my Vegetarian Christmas boxes. It is substantial enough to fill me up (who wants a tiny tower of rice or a goat’s cheese salad on Christmas day? Not I!) and happily sits alongside all the traditional trimmings although I’m not sure Stilton goes with gravy so I omit the cheese of  loveliness if I want to pour some of the brown stuff over my dinner. If I don’t, cranberry and port sauce or a madeira and mushroom drizzle make a lovely accompaniment instead!

I’ve added a little chilli kick, some thyme and a hefty dose of garlic because I think big flavours are important on the Big Day but if you are not a chilli fan, or you have some sensitive palates to feed, you can leave it out or replace it with a grind or two  of black pepper to taste. I don’t add salt when I’m cooking with Stilton because I think it’s salty enough but do taste and adjust to your needs with a splash of soy sauce or a sprinkle of salt if you wish!

This recipe serves two people generously but easily multiplies up to feed as many as you have the dish to handle. It is the sort of pie entrenched meat eaters cannot resist so make a small one if you just want to make them drool a bit or make one large enough to share if you’re feeling generous – it is Christmas after all!

Vegetarian Christmas Pie


vegetarian christmas

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

This pie appears in various guises, I always keep mushrooms, chestnuts and Stilton as the base flavours but sometimes add vegetarian sausages, sometimes put the sprouts into the pie and sometimes add a few butterbeans into the mix. Sage or rosemary replace thyme and a splash of port jazzes things up a bit – it’s as versatile and creative as your imagination allows it to be.

I served this particular Sweet Potato, Chestnut and Stilton Pie with roasted new potatoes and sprouts but it works really well with any of the traditional Christmas trimmings; beetroot and red cabbage with caraway is a particular favourite for bringing out the flavour of the Stilton!vegetarian christmas dinner

This is my offering for Meat Free Monday this week – of course, ALL my recipes are meat free so have a wander through my cooking section and see what else might tickle your fancy this week!

 I’m sharing this recipe with Jaq at Tiined Tomatoes, she runs a fabulous Meat Free Monday Blog Link Up which is always packed with veggie inspiration, do go and check it out!

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