As a parent (and ex teacher) who has navigated my way through our current school system often feeling baffled, unsure, ill-informed and confused I was very interested to read about a new site called School Reviewer. School reviewer aims to collate all the information parents need to choose a school and to help their children through their educational journeys in one place. I know from my own experience that the worry doesn’t stop once you have settled on a school choice; I have constantly reviewed my decision throughout their school years and have investigated other options along the way – and I’m still doing so with my younger two!

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What Does School Reviewer Offer to Parents?

Information About Schools in Your Area – including links to Ofsted Reports and a useful heat map which shows the latest information about their catchment areas. Nothing beats visiting schools and seeing them in action but it is also useful to have this information at your fingertips.

Parent Forums and Community Support– as the site grows and more parents ask questions, leave reviews and recommendations and support each other this section of the site will become invaluable. I have learned far more from other parents over the years than I have from bits of paper and statistics.

SATS and GCSE Maths Support – Like them or loathe them (I’m in the loathe camp) SATs are compulsory in Y6 and all children have to sit a maths GCSE. While I will continue to fight to have SATs removed from the primary curriculum, my youngest son will be sitting his this year and I will be helping him to approach them without worrying, just as I did with my older ones. It is really useful to be able to see what the papers look like and what he will be expected to do and animations and video guides make things much clearer so that I can reassure him and walk him through any concerns he might have. I know a lot of parents who worry about helping their children with maths homework, that they might be showing the ‘wrong’ method. School Reviewer is current, using the methods taught in classrooms today.

Buying and Selling School Uniform – School Reviewer has a growing section where parents can buy and sell outgrown uniforms, book and other items. Listings are free.

Tutoring – With more and more parents turning to tutoring to help their children make the most of their school years (it’s easy to get a bit lost in a class of 30 or to realise as you’re heading into your GCSEs that there is a big chunk of knowledge which could do with a bit of brushing up) School Reviewer is aiming to build a bank of tutors on the site.

Tips and Suggestions – School Reviewer has a blog with an interesting selection of articles ranging from homework help to holiday activities.

School Reviewer is a developing resource which I am sure will prove useful for parents throughout their children’s academic journeys. Do have a look for yourself!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post

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