Press Day at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show brought the celebrities out in force. They were mesmerised by the World Vision Garden’s beauty and serenity and captivated by the message behind it. One or two were cheeky and I had to strong-arm a couple over for a proper look (I have no shame).

John and Sim got a silver medal for all their hard work. Very impressive for their first time at Chelsea! It’s hard to believe that it is all being dismantled and moved on, watch this space for news of its new location!

But today dear readers, as this part of my Chelsea journey draws to a close, I bring you celebrity bingo. This is by no means all of them but, to be frank, I have had enough of Photoshop. How many can you name? Pop your answers in an email and I’ll hunt about for a little prize (probably worth about £5 if you’re lucky) to the person who gets the most right!

Click on the picture to make it bigger rather than squinting at it 😉

Can you spot the person I wanted to shout ‘Do you think the garden is hypnotic’ at?!

Of course the biggest celebrity in this garden was this beauty

John got this picture of her showing off to the public right at the end of Chelsea week. If you would like to grow your own Super Lupin, the seeds are now available to buy from Plantify. Fifty pence from each packet sold is being donated to World Vision UK to support the Bolivian Food Project helping to improve the nutrition of children living in the Andes.

Email your Bingo answers by next Wednesday (6th June) to, good luck!

My children are, of course, totally unimpressed by the number of ‘names’ I grabbed. They have no idea who most of them are and looked at me as if I had just landed from the planet Geek when I listed my conquests – hence the Bingo here, I have to shout about it somewhere!

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