The nights are drawing in and the weather has crashed from ‘Actually, this is quite nice, feels like it’s still Summer’ to ‘Oh blimey, Winter is here already!’ in a matter of moments. The thermals are on, the woodburner is lit and it’s time to get crafty! I’ve got several posts up my jumper sleeve but today I’m sharing a fabulous and simple Autumn craft which is sure to brighten up the gloomiest corner and make you smile! Who doesn’t love an Autumn tree in all its fabulous finery, a cheeky owl and a sleepy hedgehog?!

This couldn’t be simpler to make, all you need is a selection of twigs from the garden, some fabric leaves, an owl or two and some glue. If you can’t track down leaves or an owl in your local craft/hobby store you can make your own or buy them online here and here.

We raided the garden – luckily we’ve been pruning and sorting to get it ready for winter so we had some likely looking sticks to work with! A few blobs of glue and some carefully placed fabric leaves and our humble twigs were ready to take on their starring role as Autumn Tree! I filled a jug with dried chickpeas and ‘planted’ the twigs. The chickpeas gave them stability and made them stay more or less where I wanted them to be rather than draping themselves dramatically about the place. Once we were happy with the look of our tree we encouraged the owls to move in and glued them into place on their ‘branches’.
All we needed now was a little hedgehog, snuffling around in the leaves our tree had dropped ready for the winter. A pine cone is the perfect shape for a hedgehog, a couple of googly eyes glued on and ‘Hey Presto’ one finished Autumn scene!

We were sent craft materials and glue to create some Autumn and Halloween crafts so watch out for some spooky craftiness over the next few days! 

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