Oh goodness I have been away too long! I have so many posts to write, so many things I need to get out of my head, so many photos and films to edit but there is a hush in the house, a waiting, an urge to stop time right here, right now.

In two weeks time, our eldest child will be packing his bags and heading for University and this is the hardest ‘Back to School’ September I’ve had since Bonus Boy was starting school back in 2010. I’m bursting with pride, he’s done so well, he’s spreading his wings and flying – we made a grown up! But things are going to change – the dynamic of our family will shift and shuffle and I have no idea what form it will morph into. All I know at the moment is that I will miss him and so will they.

These pictures were taken the day he passed his A Levels and we realised that he was actually going to leave. They’re not great quality but I love them.

Back to school, leaving for University, passing A levels

Back to school

Back to school

He helps steer our ship in more ways than one and the last eighteen years have been an absolute privilege. I am wishing him all the luck in the world as I open my arms and let him go.

steering our ship

This post was written for Tara Cain’s long running photo Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme was School – perfect timing! It is also linked up with The Madhouse’s Back to School Linky.

My lovely friend Mary at Keynko has also written about prepping for Uni this week but her second teen is off and she is left with an empty nest – more tissues please!

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