I’m chomping at the bit, desperate for the summer holidays to finally arrive! My two oldest boys have been off school since their exams finished but BB and DG are still crawling their way towards the end of term and it is SO frustrating not being able to take off and just keep sailing over the horizon!

Sailing over the Horizon

We’ve been down on the coast as often as is possible with four children and two adults who all have very busy lives and are rarely all in the same place at the same time. The pull of the sea is very strong and having our own home from home on the water is just the very best thing.

This weekend our First Born was hiking in the Lake District as he completed his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition (he made it, he passed and I’m incredibly proud of him!) so the rest of us took off for Portland and a spot of sneaky sailing!

Saturday’s sail was short and sweet and the evening saw us all doing our own thing, he sat in his pyjamas lost in a book as the sun went down.

sailing with kids

I added a few rows to the sea themed ripple blanket I’m working on as a parting gift for our First Born when he fledges all too soon and Mr TS and I shared a bottle of wine before pottering off for a stroll together along the pontoons – the cares and worries of the working week seemed far away.

ripple blanket

Sunday morning’s leisurely start meant that Bonus Boy had the chance to get his net out and explore – he offered me ‘spaghetti weed’ for breakfast as I had a lazy lie in below decks!


We picked our way through three dinghy races to leave the harbour – this is always a bit hairy as we try not to mow anyone down and the dinghies whizz around, coming at us from all angles!

With a good wind we sailed along the coast to Lulworth Cove and dropped anchor. Lulworth is a tricky one as the sea bed is gravel so unless the day is dead calm the anchor can drag.

anchoring in Lulworth

Bonus Boy needed some beach time so we blew up the dinghy, threw it overboard and rowed for shore only to jump out, look back at the boat and see Mr TS beckoning frantically for us to return. Sure enough the anchor had dragged and ten tonnes of yacht was bouncing on its keel! I took up the coxswain position and Second Born rowed like Billy Oh to get us back across the bay, I’m not sure he appreciated my shouted instructions but he didn’t push me out!

Back in the marina Bonus Boy’s disappointment at our curtailed beach trip soon evaporated as we spotted this whopper bumbling about at the bow! Spaghetti weed for breakfast and jelly for tea anyone?!

barrel jellyfish

Bonus Boy was totally fascinated by this barrel jellyfish and we watched it for quite some time! We pondered how such a creature had come about – no brain, no eyes and yet it swims…why?!

The barrel jellyfish is gigantic but harmless – I’m not sure I’d want to encounter one as I swam in the water though, what about you?!

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