We spend a lot of time on the beach, it calls to us all year round and there will come a point, when our birds have flown, that Mr TS and I give in to that call and move right next to it. In the meantime we go as often as we can and Chesil Beach is just a wind blown stroll away from our marina berth. We’ve taken to asking Mr TS to drop us at the visitor centre car park and then the children and I walk back to the boat where we find him fiddling with fittings, splicing ropes and fixing stuff.

bridge onto Chesil Beach

Autumn days bring empty stretches of glorious shingle, wild storms and crashing waves throwing up fantastic flotsam and jetsam just crying out to be collected and turned into beach art.

on chesil beach

The pebbles at this end of Chesil Beach range from egg sized to fist sized. One day I would like to walk the 18 mile length of the whole beach and see the gradual change from pebbles at Portland to pea shingle at Bridport – it is a spectaular slice of the Jurassic Coast. Beach sculpture seemed to be in order:

beach sculpture

And those egg sized stones needed a nest don’t you agree?

nest of pebbles, beach art on Chesil Beach

Bonus Boy made quite a collection of bleached driftwood pieces, I would’ve helped him carrying them but I may have been loaded down with quite a collection of my own!

collecting driftwood on Chesil Beach

Teen One had to go for half a tree of course.


We threw stones into the sea and ran from the waves, one or two of us couldn’t resist rolling down the steep pebbled banks and we blew all our cobwebs away. It was one of those perfect days, one of those days when I sing this song. Mr Thinly introduced me to the music of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground when we met twenty five years ago. I surprised him with tickets to see the man himself at the Hammersmith Apollo several years ago and I’m so glad I did. RIP Lou Reed.

Where would you spend a perfect day with your family?

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