Mr TS and I are considering a road trip this autumn, we’ve never taken our brood abroad and we want to go on one big adventure before The Tall One leaves us next year (sob). We’re thinking about heading south, across the Channel and down to Provence which has been calling to me for many years. However, my old battle bus isn’t up to the trip so we are currently researching a replacement.

Car buying can be a bit of a minefield and it’s always worth asking someone who is already driving the model you have in mind whether or not it was a good buy. This is exactly what Kia has done by teaming up with Reevoo. Reevoo provides independently verified customer reviews helping to simplify the car buying process and make it easier for you to find the car which best suits you.

Kia Picanto City


I am guilty of relying heavily upon Mr TS whenever I purchase a car (a rare and therefore very significant event) but he doesn’t necessarily want the same thing from a vehicle that I do. Mr TS isn’t usually bothered about boot space for shopping for example but does want to know whether floor boards will fit lengthways when he’s out on a quote. We both ask different questions so it is really useful to have a variety of answers to refer to!

I particularly like the ‘Ask an Owner’ facility on Reevoo, my favourite question comes from Joy who wanted to know if there was room enough in the boot for her Golden Retriever and Ken’s reply that there is plenty of room but that his Springer Spaniel ‘finds it a bit of a high jump to get up into the boot but that may be just her being lazy’!

The Reevoo manifesto strives to ensure that all reviews are genuine from verified purchasers and they show the good with the bad, not allowing editing or removal of negative reviews by brands who have signed up. The site is clear and easy to use, offering an overall rating, broken down into categories (eg performance, comfort, value for money) followed by customer reviews.

Kia’s commitment to sharing genuine, unbiased reviews with its potential customers was the reason that it was named Car Manufacturer of the Year 2012 by Which?, the UK’s leading consumer association. It shows a confidence in their product that they are comfortable enough to open themselves up to independent reviews, feedback and questions.

Have you recently bought a Kia? Why don’t you pop over and leave a review for other people? If you’re thinking of buying a car read the reviews and let me know what you think!


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