Bonfire night is behind us and I am now stepping up a gear with Christmas planning. I love planning and plotting – much of the stuff in my head doesn’t actually happen in reality but I love stuffing it full of crafty ideas, recipes and possibilities. My Pinterest boards are filling up, the Festive Friday linky is already bristling with ideas and my good old fashioned Christmas notebook is covered in my scampering handwriting.

Yesterday a bit of impromptu festiveness led to a nugget of an idea which I put into practice and am sharing with you lucky people today! My friend Sue suggested that, instead of having a natter at our usual watering hole La Strada, we should venture into The Settle a few steps further down Cheap Street in Frome. She had heard on the grapevine that they served a mean cinnamon toast and, as we were both beginning to feel just a teensy bit festive, we thought we ought to try some. Once tried, never forgotten, I had to recreate it at home as a post school treat in the run up to Christmas!

cinnamon butter on toast

It goes particularly well with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea and a bit of after school chitter chatter. It would also be a lovely addition to those homemade Christmas hampers I mentioned last week and is one of those ‘Oh my goodness Mum, that’s very clever’ points winners – you can make it with your usual butter, softened, but why not go the whole hog as it’s Christmas and make butter from scratch – it’s easy!

Cinnamon Butter on Toast
Author: Chris Mosler
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: makes 1 cupful
Homemade cinnamon butter on toast – perfect for Christmas
  • 300ml double cream
  • 2tbsps ice cold water
  • pinch of salt
  • 8tsps soft brown sugar
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  1. Pour the cream and salt into a food processor and whizz until stiff
  2. Add the ice cold water and whizz again until the cream starts to break up into small buttery pieces and separates from the buttermilk
  3. Turn into a sieve over a bowl to catch the buttermilk
  4. Turn onto a plate and press with a fork or the back of a knife until buttermilk stops appearing, drain the buttermilk off (you can use the buttermilk for pancakes or scones)
  5. Mash in the sugar and cinnamon until well combined
  6. Roll into a sausage shape using cling film/greaseproof paper
  7. Chill until firm
  8. Toast two slices of your bread of choice
  9. Spread generously with cinnamon butter
  10. Eat hot

Be warned, when you unwrap the butter (if you have small children in the house) someone will shout ‘Ew Mummy, it looks like a poo!’ – ignore them. If you want to give the butter as a hamper gift, however, it is probably best to slice nice neat discs off the end of the sausage and wrap them in greaseproof paper with a nice little ribbon ๐Ÿ™‚ You can make it now and freeze it until you are ready to use it or give it away. I was taught how to make butter in a food processor by Jaime Gardener, head chef at Yeo Valley – I still can’t believe how simple it is!

Now, I’d love you to share any Christmas posts with me so I can add to those plots and plans – what have you got for me this week?

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