If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that I don’t do Christmas by halves – we have seven Christmas trees scattered around the house and I’m a sucker for fairy lights! The children have a mini fake tree in their rooms which accounts for four, there is one very moth-eaten one in the upstairs corridor covered in all the garish children’s decorations we have ever owned (Thomas the Tank is a highlight here), there’s one in the hallway by the front door (which makes getting in and out very difficult as it is a small space but, who cares? It’s Christmas!) and then there is the sitting room tree…an oasis of calm sophistication and elegance.

The theme for my sitting room is simple gold and silver, I have collected beautiful glass baubles over our many years together, first as just we two and then with our growing crew, and this is where they hang. As we unwrap them every festive season we welcome back old favourites and coo over the new addition. The tree is real and it has to be full and bushy, going to choose it this year without our eldest child was a little odd and I sent him this picture when we found the perfect tree on our first attempt!

Choosing a Christmas Tree

You can see Bonus Boy’s hand there, checking for height, our ceilings are very low! So, we have our tree, now the transformation can begin!

I removed our old curtains which were beginning to show their age and are the wrong colour backdrop for this year’s elegant gold and silver theme, they distract the eye from the tree itself which I love curling up next to and just staring at! Of course, that left me with a big empty window space to fill, arctic air whistling in through the gaps around those battered old doors and a rather ugly unfinished step to look at – new curtains were definitely called for!

We made a time-lapse video of us decorating for Christmas to show you how we transformed our sitting room from this:

to this, with a little bit of help from The Natural Curtain Company! I love how the curtains finish the room and create the perfect backdrop for our tree. They are thermal lined too which helps retain the heat in our large stone-walled room once that wood burner is fired up!

decorating for Christmas

Do watch our transformation here and see how we decorated the room around the tree! We had such fun making this short video – there’s rather more of my bottom in it than I’m happy about but, hey ho, Mr TS was filming as we decorated! Bonus Boy would like to see if you can spot the frame where he looks like he is just a head attached to my back!

We will be filming as the hall tree is decorated and as the whole house pulls on its Christmas mantle – do join us over on our YouTube channel and watch the transformation unfold!

This post was produced in collaboration with the Natural Curtain Company. 

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