I was lucky enough to be invited to London a few weeks ago to have lunch cooked for  me by 2011 Masterchef winner Tim Anderson. Not only that but I got to drive a brand new car around the streets of Dulwich on a scavenger hunt for ingredients to go into that lunch!

Citroën and Tim are joining culinary forces to create a unique pop-up restaurant at a secret location in Shoreditch, London, as part of the launch for Citroën’s stylish new flagship DS5. The restaurant, called Delicious by DS5, will serve a five course tasting menu created by Tim and inspired by the five senses. The meal will cost patrons just £5 per head with the proceeds going to FareShare, a charity that fights hunger efficiently by rescuing and redistributing surplus food. It’s a bargain! A fantastic evening out and you get to do some good at the same time!

I got to try two of the dishes (there are vegetarian alternatives for all the courses) once we had all returned with our goodies. I was given the keys to this pristine beauty, a map and no instructions on how to drive the car whatsoever!

Two lovely young women who write for an online London what’s on magazine very bravely jumped in with me and, once I had worked out how to start this space age marvel, we were off! It was a fantastic drive and, having never driven in London before, it treated me very well indeed. It was a breeze to park, very responsive and gorgeous inside.

East Dulwich deli was my idea of heaven

We left with a sack of cinnamon, found our way back using a mixture of sat nav, map and luck and then the cooking began.

We got to help a little with the prep ( I had the very important job of weighing out the agar agar which took me several attempts, I am a chuck it in and go girl but Tim is very demanding and it had to be right to the enth of a gramme!)

I love the drama watching chefs in action and Tim certainly provided plenty of that! The Tastes of Syrah dessert came complete with its own smoke (which did taste a bit like smoking a cigarette if I’m honest but once I’d got past that and down to the ganache it was yummy!)

We even had smoking flowers on the table which smelled delicious, wafting the scents of Syrah and tantalising the tastebuds, all spice and heat – fab!

Delicious by DS5 will open to members of the public from Wednesday 16 to Saturday 20 May, 2012.

You can apply for a table through a dedicated tab on Citroën UK’s official Facebook page – www.deliciousbyds5.com where they can select their preferred date, service and number of attendees (up to six per table).

Here’s Citroen’s video of our day, see if you can spot me (clue, green jumper, glasses, big fluffy pony tail)

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