All I have seen of New York so far has been very tall buildings from the window of a yellow cab and the inside of the Save the Children New York Office which is buried half underground within spitting distance of the UN building.

I woke up this morning after the only three hours sleep I have had since Friday and peered blearily at twitter on my iphone to see something really quite incredible. Yesterday’s blogging conference had sparked an idea inside the head of the very lovely, arm stroking, @helloitsgemma. The, frankly, bloody marvellous @michelletwinmum who blogs at Mummy From The Heart has taken this spark and fanned it and, goodness, isn’t it burning bright?!

Michelle and Gemma have asked bloggers to write a 100 word post about their experiences of health workers. As I write this, 40 people have already posted. Please add your link. I’m writing mine this evening while you are all in bed snoring and @lizscarff and I will be reading and commenting on every one of yours.

Today I met the most amazing woman. Dr Joan from Sierra Leone is here to tell the story from the front line. She is a senior midwife, midwife trainer and President of the Midwives Association in Sierra Leone, a country where they only have 1/10th of the health workers they need.

There is a global shortfall of 3.5 million health workers leaving 350 million children never seeing a doctor or nurse and one in three women giving birth without a skilled birth attendant. Women and children are being left unforgivably vulnerable.

This UN summit is crucial for putting an end to this scandal and ensuring that no child dies because they can’t see a health worker and no woman dies as a direct result of being without skilled birth support.

We need to shout loud and hold our politicians to account, women and children and their families worldwide need skilled health workers. Children shouldn’t be dying simply because they were born in the wrong place.

Please write your 100 words and let’s whip these flames up. Let’s build a bonfire as a beacon which cannot be ignored.

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