When Slumberdown got in touch with me to ask if I would like a duvet day now that my older ones have headed off to far flung places it struck me that I am now a parent to two who’ve left, one 16 year old and a 10 year old and those early morning wake ups have disappeared! It is now me who is up first at the weekend, just because I feel like it or I have something to do and not because I have been dragged from my bed before dawn to play Lego or climb a hill. It also means that I am actually allowed an indulgent duvet day without a whole pile of people climbing in with me, pulling the duvet every which way and filling my bed with crumbs!

How to plan a duvet day

I planned my duvet day carefully, I wanted it to be a marker of this new stage in my life – me, still a Mum, but post small people (as in ‘after’ rather than ‘parcelling them up and sending them to Australia’). Slumberdown had sent me a lovely new Sleepwell Luxury double duvet so I stuffed it into the new covers I bought as a gift for myself when Number 2 left, plumped up my pillows and climbed in.

Five Duvet Day Essentials

I’m a fidget, a duvet day has to distract me from all the lists in my head, there has to be enough to keep me under the covers, relaxed and cosy or I’ll be up after half an hour! Here are my essentials for a successful duvet day.

Something to Keep My Hands Busy

Crochet or knitting, something to write with and on or some drawing paper and pencils are first on my list. I’m working on several blankets at the moment but this one is for me so it had to be the one!

Essentials for a Duvet Day

Something to Read

I always have a huge pile of magazines and books and ‘should’ reads by my bed but for a duvet day it has to be an easy read. Either an Agatha Christie which I have read umpteen times before or a magazine full of pretty pictures of food for me to drool over, but this time I chose this little book full of Hyggelig ideas to welcome in the winter.

Essentials for Hygge

Something to Eat and Drink

My duvet day started post breakfast, once I’d seen everyone off to work and school so I chose Elevenses in bed and this delicious little Portugese custard tart with a cup of tea.

Portugese Custard Tart - Essentials for a Duvet Day

Something to Watch

I curled up on my own. I didn’t have to watch anything with loud bangs in it, cartoon characters or something avant-garde and interesting, I chose an old favourite. There is something very comforting about watching a film you know inside out and back to front which just makes you cry and smile in equal measure. Perfect.

Essential watching for a duvet day

My Beautiful Bed

Last but not least, my duvet day has to happen in my own beautiful bed. I love my bed, when I am away from it I crave to be back in it. It has a footboard to match this headboard and the whole thing feels like a gigantic hug.

How to have a duvet day

It felt very indulgent lazing away a day but I hadn’t realised just how much I needed a bit of a breather. I work from home full time as well as parenting four children (those who aren’t here still need quite a lot of attention, sorry to burst any bubbles!) and my weekends are always pretty full – recharging my batteries with some of my favourite things was a really good thing to do.

Slumberdown commissioned a survey to find out how the spending habits of parents change once their children head off to Uni. Apparently 44% spent more on Champagne and 42% spent more on luxury homeware – I haven’t bought any Champagne but I did buy new covers for the bed, some books and some yarn!

I hope you’re all relaxed after my duvet day story – now to wake you up again with the exciting bit!

For your chance to win a year’s worth of free shopping from Tesco, for yourself or your children, head on over to Slumberdown’s Competition Page and tell them what luxury items you will be indulging in once your children have spread their wings and flown! 

This post was commissioned by Slumberdown. 



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