I know not all of you are happy crafters and that one or two of you are very willing but just a little bit terrified, this is where Yellow Moon comes in! Easter crafts needn’t be scary, you don’t have to know how to blow an egg, the recipe for papier-mâché or what to make with loo roll inners; these crafts are simple and satisfying and the results are pretty!

We made candles with the egg candle kit. Egg shaped candles, candle wax pens and a bit of creative juice a-flowing.

easter candle making, easter craft, yellow moon

making candles, easter craft, yellow moon

easter craft, easter candle, candle making

She made bead bracelets to adorn our wrists and to use as decorations on our Easter tree

easter craft, bead craft, bracelet making, yellow moon

And we decorated ceramic tealight holders with acrylic paints and jewel stick ons.

easter craft, easter candle, easter votive, yellow moon

There are pages and pages of possibilities for Easter crafting and with next day delivery available what are you waiting for?!

We are Yellow Moon ambassadors which makes us very, very happy!


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