The mornings are now REALLY dark, half term is almost upon us and our Halloween decor is coming along nicely Рall that remains for us to do is to sort our outfits for this year and cook up some spooky grub. We always make our own Halloween costumes and they are always really simple and a bit last-minute, which is how I think it should be! I am a predictable and reliable witch (I do love a pointy hat) but the others have been zombies, one-armed axe murderers, devils (Mr TS makes a super devil!), ghosts and all sorts of ghouls and beasties.

I like it when there is not too much blood and gore (no hope with the teenagers) and when Halloween costumes are easy to make like these! I also like it when Halloween costumes for kids allow them to get stuck in and help with the construction, do a bit of sewing and get the scissors out – a bit of creative adaptation is also a jolly good thing!

3 Easy Halloween Costumes

You can find my (very) simple instructions for a Halloween Bat, Halloween Cat and Minecraft Creeper Halloween Costume over on the Flora website. Which one do you think your little devils will choose?!

I’m quite keen on this cheeky bat!

Easy Halloween Costumes

Disclosure: We were commissioned to create three easy Halloween costumes for kids for the Flora website – do go and have a rummage over there, there are lots of good ideas for keeping little hands busy and encouraging creative minds.


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