Goodness, it’s been a ‘bit of a week’ here in the UK – Harold Wilson once said that ‘a week is a long time in politics’ and this has certainly been the longest and maddest week I can remember! Mr TS and I run our own businesses, our eldest is about to head off to Berlin to study for 6 months and our second born to Liverpool at a time when life suddenly feels very precarious and uncertain. We are talkative and opinionated people and we have spent much of the last few days vigorously debating last week’s referendum result and watching with astonishment as events unfold with each new day bringing further uncertainty and chaos.

So, how do we go about explaining the EU referendum to children? I tried to explain it all to our 10 year old by telling him that it is a bit like when a grumpy toddler has got hold of your carefully constructed Lego model and, for no apparent reason, thrown it on the floor in a bit of a hissy fit. Everyone is now standing on bits of Lego and hurting themselves and someone has to come along and either pick it all up and put it away or shove it under the bed and hope no one notices. Meanwhile everyone else is either shouting crossly, crying over their broken model, trying to steal useful pieces or waiting for someone else to come along and sort it out.

I was quite pleased with that.

I suggest that those of you who are also feeling discombobulated take some time away from the car crash political situation we find ourselves in. You could make Caterpillars out of pompoms and lolly sticks, for example, they don’t take much thinking about and they’re very sweet and jolly.

I think these three are plotting a political takeover.

Caterpillar Crafts - cute little caterpillars made out of lolly sticks and pompoms

This one made a break for independence and headed, greedily for the flower border.

Pompom Caterpillar Crafts

All you need to make a set of caterpillars are PVA/white glue, assorted pompoms and lolly sticks.

Pompom crafts

Oh – and some googly eyes. This one has very googly eyes, he’s checking out the opposition and keeping an eye on his back at the same time. Very wise.

Spring Crafts

Stick the pompoms onto the lolly sticks and the googly eyes onto the pompoms and you’re done.

Summer Crafts

Have you got any suggestions for explaining the EU referendum to children? How are you keeping sane when all around us seems utter madness?


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