All our Christmas posts gathered together in one place, hoorah!

Easy Grinch Christmas Baubles – 12 Days of Grinchmas!

Hoorah Hooray! It's a Grinchmas sort of a day! It is SIXTY years since 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' hit the shelves for the first time and it has become a must read Christmas book every year chez Thinly Spread - I'm pretty sure my daughter knows it off by heart!...

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Pipe Cleaner Crafts – Christmas Trees

We are now in full on, unapologetic, Christmas crafting mode - the glitter is everywhere (much to the annoyance of teenage boys who despair of leaving the house without a sparkly addition somewhere about their person), the cheesy tunes are playing and there is just no...

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Roulades – Vegetarian Recipes for Christmas

I love making roulades, they always look so impressive and complicated and make a great centre piece for special occasion buffet tables but they are REALLY easy, shh, don’t tell anyone! Here’s my recipe for two of my favourites – sun dried tomato roulades and spinach roulades.

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LaplandUK – Our Review

Last weekend Bonus Boy and I set out together to visit LaplandUK by special invitation from The Big Man himself and we were VERY excited! We parked in the forest and made our way to Reception, a large wooden cabin, manned by elves and housing the LaplandUK exchange where we swapped a few of our pound coins for Elf Jingles and collected our Passport.

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Christmas Pudding Fudge Recipe

Christmas Pudding Fudge a real treat for the festive season. Bag it up in pretty packaging and give it to friends and family if you can bear to see it leave!

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Make Your Own Christmas Village

I’ve always wanted a miniature light up Christmas village and I love making tea light lanterns so it seemed like a good plan to combine the two in one project. This is an excellent project for older children and adults, if you are doing it with younger children you may find the results are a bit wonkier but Christmas is all about the quirky, wonky homemade decorations so that’s no bad thing!

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Harrods Christmas Hamper – A Review

I do love a Christmas hamper, it is one of my favourite things to give to friends and family and I have made many myself over the years so I was chuffed to bits to be asked to review a Harrods Christmas Hamper – but which one to choose?! I spent a happy half hour in late October browsing the hamper selection on the Harrods website while family members tried to influence my choice in the background. I ignored them, there was something totally irresistible in the Grosvenor Hamper and I had to have it!

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Quick Homemade Christmas Wreath

I see a lot of blog posts about invitations to play for young children – a selection of materials to tempt them in, fire up their imaginations and keep their little fingers busy but it’s just as important to offer invitations to play to older children and adults. I left a tray of craft materials out on our table last week and this is what happened…

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Visiting LaplandUK – A Special Invitation!

Just imagine the excitement when this plopped onto the doormat! I danced upstairs to find my youngest boy, waving this about above my head like an over excited elf – the Big Man himself has asked us to visit him and give him a helping hand at Lapland UK!

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