Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking For Family and Friends.

Nasturtium Pesto

When I first made nasturtium pesto I thought I’d had a flash of sheer genius and my name would go down in the culinary annals of history. I was wrong of course, a quick Google brings up any number of variations, but I still think mine is the best! Nasturtium... read more

Crunchy Green Salad for National Vegetarian Week

Today marks the beginning of this year’s National Vegetarian Week and a recipe or two here on Thinly Spread. I hope we will tempt the tastebuds of those of you who are already vegetarian and that we can persuade those of you who are not to take a step along the... read more

Rosehips on A Kitchen Table – Seasonal Recipes

Emails asking me to review things tend to remain at the bottom of my ‘to do’ list for longer than is seemly. I’m not a gatherer of things so I think very carefully before I agree to anything – this time, however, I pinged a reply back so... read more

Last Minute Valentine’s – Quick and Easy!

Mr TS and I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s – I know he’s mine and he knows I’m his and that’s all that matters. I do, however, like a quick and easy last minute Valentine’s craft/bake/card, here are some of my... read more

Veganuary – Instagram Photo Competition!

Well…what a year that was! 2014 is now knocking very firmly on our door and it looks like being another Big One for all of us. The main event looming on the horizon is the imminent departure of Teen 1 as he sits his A Levels and, all being well, heads off to Uni... read more

Festive Friday – The Finale!

The last Festive Friday of 2013? How on earth did that sneak up so quickly?  This year, once again, it has been an absolute joy! The ideas linked up are wonderful, the people linking have been lovely and I have thoroughly enjoyed its laid back approach to the season.... read more

Meringue Snowmen for Festive Friday!

Jenson Button is returning to his home town this evening to switch on our Christmas lights (a Button on the button makes me grin) and Advent begins on Sunday – I am beyond excited! You can read a little bit about our advent traditions here, and I have one or two... read more

Cinnamon Butter on Toast for Festive Friday!

Bonfire night is behind us and I am now stepping up a gear with Christmas planning. I love planning and plotting – much of the stuff in my head doesn’t actually happen in reality but I love stuffing it full of crafty ideas, recipes and possibilities. My... read more

A Pick and Mix of Blog Reading for Tuesday Treats!

After a bit of a break over the Summer, which stretched languidly into the Autumn, Tuesday Treats is back! Hosted alternately by Dorky Mum, Baby Budgeting, Thinly Spread and Me and My Shadow Tuesday Treats is a weekly round up of blog gems highlighting the funny,... read more

Festive Friday Returns! – Charity and Chutney

It’s November already and those of you who have followed Thinly Spread for a while will know that the beginning of November heralds the return of Festive Friday! It starts quietly with a whipser, the smell of spice and a suggestion of sparkle, gradually gaining... read more

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