Spring Vegetable Pizza with Asparagus and Jersey Royals

Sometimes only a slice of pizza really hits the spot and couscous salad or polenta baskets just won't cut it -  I need carbs! Asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes along with the first of the peas and bunches of spring onions all called to me as I wandered around our...

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Elderflower and Gooseberry Ice-Cream

I was sitting by the window at Cranks Kitchen in Dartington with Tin and Thyme on Friday, celebrating National Vegetarian Week with a slice of Homity Pie, when I spied that most exciting of late Spring things - the first elderflower! Of course, once you've seen one...

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Greek Salad Couscous

Day two of National Vegetarian Week and I'm sharing another really simple, quick as anything supper dish. Greek Salad Couscous is fresh and light, perfect for warm evenings with a glass of wine. This is another of my regular one pot boat dishes, I fry the almonds and...

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Pea Pesto with Spaghetti

Today marks the beginning of this year's National Vegetarian Week and I am planning to share some of my easiest family vegetarian recipes with you. Whether you are trying vegetarianism for the first time, are meat reducing with Meat Free Monday or are a seasoned...

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Vegan Picnic Pies for National Vegetarian Week 2016

Last week I told you my Vegetarian Story  and  promised that this week I would be sharing a brand new vegetarian Sunday Lunch Recipe to celebrate National Vegetarian Week. Today is my eldest's 20th Birthday so, yesterday, we all headed to Cardiff to scoop him up and...

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One Pot Quinoa Chilli

I do love a one pot meal and this one pot quinoa chilli is one I make on the boat all the time where washing up is a tricky business and I really, REALLY don't want lots of dirty dishes hanging around! It's also quick which is a massive bonus when there are six hungry...

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How to Make Tofu

I’ve been going back to basics again recently, indulging in a bit of slow cooking. I have my own sourdough starter bubbling away happily and the gathering season has begun... I've always got a willing helper if I'm out on a gathering mission, this is our favourite...

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My Vegetarian Story for National Vegetarian Week

This year's National Vegetarian week coincides with a rather special anniversary - twenty-eight years ago this May I had been vegetarian for 18 months when a dark-haired, blue-eyed boy swept me off my feet.  Mr TS arrived in my life with a selection of vibrantly...

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Pasta Please!

I'm over the moon to announce that from this month I am co-hosting the fabulous monthly blog Linky 'Pasta Please' with fellow veggie blogger, Jac at Tinned Tomatoes. This will mean that I get to drool over lots of pasta recipes and get some fabulous new ideas for my...

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Froothie Optimum G2.1 Platinum Series Blender Review

I have a new toy in my kitchen - except it's not a toy, it really means business! I've made do for years with my (very good) food processor and my hand held stick blender and I honestly thought they were good enough - I was wrong! I've been testing the Froothie...

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Dorset Apple Cake

I love the quirky English desserts and cakes tradition, each county having its own speciality which is defended to the hilt. A quick wander around the map offers me such delights as The Bedfordshire Clanger, Lardy Cake and Sally Lunn's Bath Buns but, today, I bring you the absolutely perfect Dorset Apple Cake, warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. read more

Vegan Ginger Cookies in a Rhubarb Parfait

Ginger and rhubarb just go together so well and today I want to share the tastiest of vegan puddings. A rich creamy dessert topping, blanketing tart rhubarb nestling on a ginger crumble which manages to be both crunchy and chewy at the same time. It’s a culinary miracle and I’m very pleased with it! read more

Asparagus Salad with Soft Boiled Egg

There is something more than a bit sensual about eating and preparing asparagus. My excitement at its first appearance in my veg box or on a market stall is unseemly and I love the sharing of its bounty with my beloved. This is eating it at its simplest, tastiest best - Asparagus salad, green spears enfolding soft boiled eggs served on a bed of crisp leaves with an understated dressing - spring on a plate! read more

Thyme for Lemon Cake

"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,  Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,  Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine" William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream It may not be Midsummer yet but some of my...

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Wild Garlic Spelt Risotto with Black Garlic Sauce

The arrival of wild garlic season sent me rushing to the kitchen to brandish knives, stir stock, taste and fiddle and taste some more as I put together this aromatic spelt risotto topped with a drizzle of deeply flavoured black garlic sauce. I’ve used spelt here...

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Celery Soup with Stilton and Croutons

You know that feeling when you open the fridge and you realise you have two of something and that that something really needs using up? I had two large heads of celery waving at me, taking up a lot of space and crying out to be lunch – this one fancied being an early Spring soup and who am I to say no to a vegetable which knows its mind? read more

Chocolate Crispie Cakes

Chocolate Crispie Cakes are an absolute Must Do at Easter - if you don't do anything else, make these! I know they're simple and I'm probably telling you something you already know, but these are here for my children and for all those young people out there stepping...

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Food Lovers Visit Dorset

Living where Somerset meets both Dorset and Wiltshire means that I am spoilt for choice with local food producers, farmer's markets and - of course - Frome's own utterly fabulous monthly Independent Market. I love knowing exactly where my food comes from, and try to...

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Easter Baking – Spring Biscuits

There was a hint of spring in the air yesterday and it called for a bit of Easter baking - some Spring Biscuits to celebrate those first warm rays, the blossom unfolding, the lambs gambolling and all that sap rising! I had such fun making these for when the kids got...

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Win Emma Bridgewater and Market Deli Goodies!

Fancy a dip? The colours in these limited edition chip and dip bowls from Emma Bridgewater, in partnership with premium snack brand Market Deli, were too pretty to resist - a double dip was called for! These lovely limited edition Emma Bridgewater serving bowls are...

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