Fun Foodie Gifts For Your Other Half

Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day always give you a good opportunity to spoil your other half, but why wait for these dates to come around to treat that someone special in your life? Sometimes the best gifts are those that are completely... read more

The Grape Club

Mr TS and I do love a nice bottle of wine of an evening so were delighted to be asked to take a look at The Grape Club. Founded by first cousins from a wine-producing family, the Grape Club delivers 4 bottles of hand-picked wines once a month for £45. Each wine comes... read more

Banana Pancakes with Caramel Sauce – Cooking with Kids

We, along with several other bloggers are sharing our kid friendly cooking recipes and tips once a fortnight with an A-Z of recipes to get everyone Cooking with Kids! Today it’s the turn of B for Bananas with some banana pancakes which I am posting a week late... read more

Polenta Bruschetta with Borlotti Bean and Mushroom Stew

Polenta is a fabulous family friendly food and, now that I’ve found THE best way to grill it, it is popping up on my weekly meal planning menu A LOT! This polenta bruschetta recipe is a perfect foil for so many things; you can find my recipe for wild mushrooms... read more

Apple Muffins for Bramley Apple Week

Bonus Boy and I thought it would be good to mark this year’s Bramley Apple Week here in the UK with a delicious Apple Muffin recipe jazzed up with cinnamon and pecans just because we can! A printable recipe card can be found at the bottom of this post. Happy... read more

How To Make Sugar Mice – Cooking with Kids

Bonus Boy is becoming a very keen cook and he helps me in the kitchen most evenings, making suggestions for flavourings to improve the meals we prepare together and ensuring the correct amount of stirring occurs to prevent burning when I am distracted, yet again, by... read more

How to Make Peppermint Creams

Peppermint creams have to be one of the easiest recipes for children, there is no heat involved (unless you feel the urge to dip them in melted chocolate which is VERY hard to resist) and the peppermint cream mixture is just like playdough – but edible! Handmade... read more

How to Make Chocolate Spoons

Oh my word – who could resist these little spoons resting in that chocolatey loveliness?! These homemade chocolate spoons are the perfect Christmas gift or why not indulge your Valentine? How to Make Chocolate Spoons You can make these delicious Homemade Hot... read more

Spooky Spider Cookies – Halloween Baking

I have no idea why I thought these were a good idea. I had to be rescued by Mr TS last night after a large spider walked jauntily along my sun visor as I was driving his car to Sainsbury’s. Narrowly avoiding  crashing into a roundabout I swerved into the... read more

Homemade Jam Sandwich Biscuits

I think Friday needs a jam sandwich biscuit, don’t you? And, possibly, a nice cup of tea. I bake a lot when I’m feeling emotional, when something big is happening in our lives or when one of the children is struggling. This Summer we have coped with Bonus... read more

Couscous and Almond Salad

Being asked to eat almonds as my snack of choice for three weeks and to see how I felt at the end of it did, at first, seem a bit of a challenge. I do often snack on dried fruit and nuts anyway but I do also browse the cupboards looking for biscuits and cake and, I... read more

Couscous Salad in the Shade of My Apple Tree

The weather was kind this weekend, Mr TS wandered off to Portland to do a bit of essential maintenance on the boat’s bottom, DG disappeared to the river with her chums, BB and I gardened, biked and played and my teen boys revised. Again. It’s endless.... read more

Nasturtium Pesto

When I first made nasturtium pesto I thought I’d had a flash of sheer genius and my name would go down in the culinary annals of history. I was wrong of course, a quick Google brings up any number of variations, but I still think mine is the best! Nasturtium... read more

Crunchy Green Salad with Broad Beans and Mint

Today marks the beginning of this year’s National Vegetarian Week and a recipe or two here on Thinly Spread. I hope we will tempt the tastebuds of those of you who are already vegetarian and that we can persuade those of you who are not to take a step along the... read more

Rosehips on A Kitchen Table – Seasonal Recipes

Emails asking me to review things tend to remain at the bottom of my ‘to do’ list for longer than is seemly. I’m not a gatherer of things so I think very carefully before I agree to anything – this time, however, I pinged a reply back so... read more

Last Minute Valentine’s – Quick and Easy!

Mr TS and I don’t really ‘do’ Valentine’s – I know he’s mine and he knows I’m his and that’s all that matters. I do, however, like a quick and easy last minute Valentine’s craft/bake/card, here are some of my... read more

Meringue Snowmen for Festive Friday!

Jenson Button is returning to his home town this evening to switch on our Christmas lights (a Button on the button makes me grin) and Advent begins on Sunday – I am beyond excited! You can read a little bit about our advent traditions here, and I have one or two... read more

Cinnamon Butter on Toast for Festive Friday!

Bonfire night is behind us and I am now stepping up a gear with Christmas planning. I love planning and plotting – much of the stuff in my head doesn’t actually happen in reality but I love stuffing it full of crafty ideas, recipes and possibilities. My... read more

Christmas Chutney

It’s November already and those of you who have followed Thinly Spread for a while will know that the beginning of November heralds the return of Festive Friday! It starts quietly with a whipser, the smell of spice and a suggestion of sparkle, gradually gaining... read more

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