Vegetarian Cooking For Family and Friends.

Raising vegetarian children is a breeze, here I share recipes and tips from 16 years of vegetarian parenting. If you have any questions you would like answered here please email me and I will see what I can do!

Festive Friday Returns! – Charity and Chutney

It’s November already and those of you who have followed Thinly Spread for a while will know that the beginning of November heralds the return of Festive Friday! It starts quietly with a whipser, the smell of spice and a suggestion of sparkle, gradually gaining... read more

Apple Day – Apple Crafts and Apple Pie

Today is Apple Day! Originated in 1990 by Common Ground, apple day has grown to be a celebration of English apples, orchards and mellow fruitfulness. Apple Day events have sprung up around the country where you can try your hand at apple pressing, drink freshly... read more

Tuesday Treats – The National Vegetarian Week Edition

Tuesday Treats is a weekly round up of blog gems chosen by Ruth at DorkyMum, Becky at Baby Budgeting¬† Liz at Me and My Shadow and me! This week it’s my turn and, as it is National Vegetarian Week this week, I want to share some of the foodie posts I’ve... read more

How to Make Pond Jelly – Cooking with Kids!

Bonus Boy and I indulged ourselves a bit yesterday and made some pond jelly! It’s very easy to make and, if you like jelly, delicious to eat. I loathe the stuff personally but he loves it! To Make Pond Jelly You Will Need A small to medium glass bowl One packet... read more

Waterfalls and Wild Garlic – A Walk and a Recipe

Yesterday my very lovely friend Sue took me and my boy to see the wonderful waterfall walk she and her boy had recently discovered. We were captivated! While I was clicking away and dreaming Dingly Dell dreams of fairy folk (look, there’s even a window frame to... read more

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